TN 11 (09-98)

GN 02402.085 Unacceptable Requests for Direct Deposit


Each request for direct deposit will be evaluated to make sure that it meets the requirements outlined in this chapter.


Deny any request that does not meet the requirements. Payments will continue as before (i.e., by check or to the current FI).

1. Request By Beneficiary/Payee

Explain the reason why the requirements are not met. This can be done orally or in writing.

NOTE: A record does not need to be kept of the denial.

2. Request On SF 1199A

Try to resolve any discrepancies that appear on the SF 1199A by phone contact. Return the SF 1199A to the FI only if:

  • The form was misdirected to SSA (e.g., the Veterans Administration is paying benefits),

  • The requirements of this chapter are not met, or

  • The form is not complete or is incorrect, and phone contact is not possible.

If the account title does not meet the requirements in GN 02402.050, explain the reason for denial to the beneficiary or representative payee orally or in writing.

Return the form under cover of an SSA-L1199 (see GN 02402.085C.).

NOTE: No record of the return needs to be kept.



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