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GN 02402.305 Coding Norwegian Bank Data for the MBR

A. Introduction - Coding Norwegian Bank Data

This section describes how to code bank data for direct deposit of Title II benefits to a bank in Norway. The bank data will be stored on the MBR in the same fields as are used for U.S. direct deposit. Special coding identifies the data as Norwegian direct deposit and allows benefit payments to be routed through the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (FRBKC) and the processor bank in Norway to the beneficiary's FI.

The data for coding may come from a signup form for Norway (see GN 02402.305F.) or from the equivalent information received by mail, phone, fax, or E-mail.

NOTE: U.S. domestic (i.e., non-border) field offices (FOs) should not attempt to process an IDD request for this country. U.S. domestic FOs must forward all appropriate information to the Office of Earnings and International Operations, Division of International Operations (OEIO, DIO) for processing (For more information on forwarding IDD information, see GN 02402.205C, GN 01010.255, and GN 01702.310C.

B. Description - Norwegian Bank Data

Norwegian bank data consists of an 11-digit Bank Account Number (Deres konto nr.) that consists of the following:

  • Bank Number as it appears in the Bankplass-Navne-og-Nummer-Register for Norge: 4 digits

  • Type of Account: 2 digits

  • Customer Account Number: 5 digits

The information can be obtained from the beneficiary's personal check or bank card.

NOTE: If upon receipt of the information, there are any discrepancies, follow instructions in GN 00203.020 and GN 02402.025.

C. Procedure - Coding Norwegian Routing and Account Numbers for International Direct Deposit

Use this procedure to code direct deposit of Title II benefits to FIs in Norway.


Are you coding an initial claim?

  • If yes, go to step 3.

  • If no, go to step 2.


Is the beneficiary's address on the MBR in a foreign country (PCOC = 8)? If no, STOP.

REASON: The MBR will not accept the International Direct Deposit (IDD) information.


Is the beneficiary's account a U.S. dollar account in Norway? If yes, STOP.

REASON: This must be a Norwegian kroner account.


Code the Type of Account as Checking.


Code the Depositor Account Number field with the 11-digit Bank Account Number.


Code the Routing and Transit Number field with 530000004.

D. Example - Coding Norwegian Direct Deposit

The beneficiary's bank card contains the following information: konto 0629 19 12345.

The Depositor Account Number will be: 06291912345.

The Routing and Transit Number will be: 530000004.

E. Exhibit - IDD Enrollment Form for Norway

To view this form click on : SSA-1199-OP20.

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