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GN 02402.340 Coding Polish Bank Data for the MBR

Poland (along with Hungary and Panama) requires more digits than are available in SSA’s direct deposit (RTN and DAN) fields. Full information must be on the International Treasury Services website ( so the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (FRBKC) can add the extra digits before sending the payments to Poland’s banks. Only a small number of banks in Poland can accommodate SSA’s International Direct Deposit (IDD) payments. All IDD payments to Poland go to U.S. dollar accounts. Procedures vary according to the office that receives the IDD request. IDD enrollment forms in Polish and English are included at (GN 02402.340G) in this section.

NOTE: U.S. domestic (i.e., non-border) field offices (FOs) should not attempt to process an IDD request for this country. U.S. domestic FOs must forward all appropriate information to the Office of Earnings and International Operations, Division of International Operations (OEIO, DIO) for processing (For more information on forwarding IDD information, see GN 02402.205C, GN 01010.255, and GN 01702.310C).

A. Introduction to coding Polish bank data

This section describes how to code bank data for direct deposit of Title II benefits to a financial institution (FI) in Poland. The bank data is on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) in the same fields that we use for U.S. direct deposit. Special coding identifies the data as International Direct Deposit (IDD) for Poland and allows benefit payments to be routed through the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (FRBKC) and the contractor bank (Citibank) to the beneficiary's FI.

The data for IDD coding may come from a check, a signup form for Poland (available in Polish or English at GN 02402.340G.), or the equivalent information received by mail, phone, fax, or email.

NOTE: If upon receipt of the information, there are any discrepancies, follow instructions in GN 00203.020 and GN 02402.025.

B. Currency for Poland payments

SSA sends IDD payments for Poland only to U.S. dollar (USD) accounts. SSA does not send payments by IDD to a Polish zloty account at this time.

C. Description of Polish bank data

1. The IBAN code

The IDD coding for Polish bank data uses the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), which consists of 28 characters, as follows:

  • PL, the IBAN code for international payments to Poland;

  • 2 check digits;

  • An 8-digit bank and branch code (This must have all 8 digits.); and

  • A 16-digit account number. (This must have all 16 digits.)

2. Polish bank data on the MBR and

Because there are not enough total spaces in the Routing and Transit Number (RTN) and the Depositor Account Number (DAN) fields on the MBR, only a portion of the full IBAN code goes on the MBR. However, the full IBAN code must be on the website for the International Treasury Services (, a Department of the Treasury Internet-based program used by FRBKC for IDD.

D. Process for applying Polish bank data

1. Applying Polish bank data to the MBR

The FBU in Warsaw or DIO keys the complete bank data to The International Treasury Service then sends a portion of the bank data to SSA through Automated Enrollment (Quick$tart). SSA's MBR doesn’t have enough spaces in the RTN and DAN fields to accept all of the IBAN code for Poland, so some of the data doesn’t go to the MBR.

When the cutoff for direct deposit is near, the FBU or DIO codes the full data for and the correct data for the MBR.

2. Applying the remainder of the bank data before payment

When a payment for Poland arrives, FRBKC checks the payment against the information for that beneficiary on If the information matches, FRBKC adds the remaining characters to complete the IBAN. If the information doesn’t match, FRBKC sends the payment information to the FBU to resolve the discrepancy.

E. Procedures for coding routing and account numbers for International Direct Deposit (IDD) to Poland

Use this chart to determine which instructions to follow:

If you are in…


Follow instructions in this subsection at …

The FBU in Poland, or OEIO

GN 02402.340E.1.

An FBU outside Poland

GN 02402.340E.2.

A U.S. field office (FO) or regional office (RO).

GN 02402.340E.3.

1. Instructions for the FBU in Poland, or OEIO



The cutoff date is three or fewer days from today,

  • Code the full IBAN to .

  • To code the bank data to the MBR, follow the steps in this section at GN 02402.340E.2.

The cutoff date is at least four days from today,

  • Code the full IBAN to

  • ITS sends the information for the MBR to DIO through Automated Enrollment. You don’t need to code directly to the MBR.

2. Instructions for an FBU outside Poland



Is the beneficiary’s address on the MBR outside the U.S.?

If yes, go to Step 2.

If no, STOP. The MBR does not accept IDD information if the beneficiary has a U.S. address.


Is the beneficiary’s account a USD account at an FI in Poland?

If yes, go to Step 3.

If no, return the request. STOP. This must be a USD account in Poland.


Code the Type of Account (on the SSA screen) as checking or savings. If you don’t know the type of account, code it as checking.


To begin coding the Routing and Transit Number (RTN) field (nine digits total), start with 70, the multi-country prefix that SSA and FRBKC have designated for Polish IDD. (NOTE: Poland has the same contractor code as the Caribbean countries.)


Skip the first four characters of the IBAN, which consist of PL and two check digits. Code the next six digits of the IBAN (the first six digits of the eight-digit bank-branch code).


Code the U.S. check digit. Obtain the check digit from Title II Interactive Comps.


Code the Depositor Account Number (DAN) field, starting with E, the country code for Poland for the multi-country contractor that uses the 70 prefix.


Code the next 16 digits of the IBAN (the last 2 digits of the bank/branch number and the first 14 digits of the account number).


Are you certified to enter data on

If yes, input the full IBAN information to , and fax the enrollment form to the FBU in Warsaw for review.

If no, fax the completed form to the Warsaw FBU (at the fax number on DOORS). STOP.

3. Instructions if you are in an FO or RO in the U.S.


Print and complete the English version of the enrollment form for Poland, SSA-1199-PO-OP1. If the beneficiary reads Polish, allow the beneficiary to use the Polish version, SSA-1199-PO.


Fax the completed form to OEIO’s paperless fax number at 877-385-0645 STOP.

F. Examples of coding Polish direct deposit to the MBR

1. Example 1

Five days before the direct deposit cutoff, the FBU in Warsaw receives a completed enrollment form for a USD checking account at a bank in Poland that is on the acceptable list. The IBAN is as follows:

PL 12 1240 1125 1787 0000 1234 5678

The FBU technician codes the full information on , but does not need to code directly to the MBR because it isn’t within three days of the cutoff. In three days, the following information appears on the MBR:

RTN: 701240114

DAN: CE2517870000123456

(The system has placed the C in the DAN field because the FBU selected “Checking” in “Type of Account.” The technician must never code a C or S for checking or savings at the beginning of the DAN field.)

2. Example 2

Three days before the cutoff date for direct deposit, OEIO receives an enrollment form from Mr. L in Poland. The form, from one of the banks the FBU has approved for IDD to Poland, contains the following information:



Two Check Digits

Bank-Branch Code

Account Number





























The DIO technician codes the full IBAN information to and then begins the coding on SSA's direct deposit screens. She begins the RTN field with 70, skips PL and the two check digits (12), then codes the first six digits of the Bank-Branch Code (124010). She adds the U.S. check digit (1) at the end, making the RTN 701240101.

The technician then begins the DAN field with E, the country code for Poland with the contractor bank that uses 70 as the prefix at the front of the RTN field. Next, she adds the final two digits of the Bank-Branch Code (37). She finishes with the first 14 digits of the Account Number (12345678901234).

The DAN is now E3712345678901234.

3. Example 3

DIO receives a letter from a beneficiary in Poland asking to have her direct deposit changed to a USD account at Bank PEKAO SA. The IBAN is given as the following:

PL 23 1240 1024 1787 0010 1234 5678.

DIO notes that it is very near the cutoff date for direct deposit. The technician begins with the SSA direct deposit screens, so the IDD information will be on the MBR in time for the cutoff.

  • RTN: The technician begins the RTN with 70, the contractor's prefix for Poland, then he skips over the first four characters of the IBAN (PL23), and follows the 70 with the next six digits (124010). This makes the RTN 70124010, so far. The technician adds the check digit of 1, so the full RTN is 701240101.

  • DAN: The technician places an E at the start of the DAN field, to show this is for Poland. He skips over PL (23) and the digits he has already coded. He codes the next 16 digits (2417870010123456). The DAN is now E2417870010123456.

After transmitting the information to the MBR, he codes the full information on .

4. Example 4

DIO receives an enrollment request from Ms. W to have IDD to a zloty account at her bank in Poland. DIO returns the enrollment form with an explanation to Ms. W that we are sending payments only to USD accounts in Poland. DIO includes a new form and tells Ms. W to send a completed form to the FBU in Warsaw if she has a USD account.

5. Example 5

Mr. V, who lives in Poland, is visiting his sister in the U.S. His sister talks him into requesting direct deposit to his U.S. dollar bank account in Poland. She takes him to her servicing FO in Huntington Park, California, where the service representative checks the bank data he gives her and sees that this is an approved bank for IDD. The service representative asks if Mr. V can read English, and he says he would prefer the form in Polish, if possible. She prints both form SSA-1199-PO and form SSA-1199-PO-OP1, so she can use the English translation to assist, if necessary. Mr. V completes and signs the Polish language form. After reviewing it to be sure it has all the necessary information, the service representative faxes the completed form to OEIO’s paperless fax number.

G. Exhibit of the IDD enrollment form for Poland

You can print the SSA-1199 enrollment form for Poland here. The form is also available from the FBU or OEIO.

Form SSA-1199-OP1

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