TN 3 (02-02)

GN 02607.880 PC/OCO-ODO Processing of Prisoner or NGRI, Incompetent to Stand Trial, or Sexually Dangerous Person Inmate Cases

A. Policy – routing of PUPS alerts and PUPS records

When Central Office (CO) receives incoming inmate information it compares the report data previously received from a reporting correctional or mental institution to eliminate duplicate reports. The report information is then matched against the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR and (SSR) to locate eligibility/entitlement to social security benefits.

Once entitlement/eligibility is found, an alert is sent to the Program Center (PC), OCO-ODO or the field office (FO) for processing as follows:

The PC/OCO-ODO will receive title II PUPS alerts and records only when the following information is always on the PUPS alert:

  • Confinement Date (04/01/00 or later and the date of the confinement is at least 30 days prior to the run processing date on the PUPS Alert/Record)

  • Conviction Date

  • Inmate Status Code of Y

  • EVS code of V or L.

The FOs will receive all other title II PUPS alerts and all title XVI PUPS alerts.

B. Procedure – PC/OCO-ODO transfers of PUPS pending records

See GN 02607.465C. for instructions on when the PCs/OCO-ODO can transfer PUPS PENDING records to other SSA locations.

C. Procedure – PC/OCO-ODO processing of PUPS alerts and records



Analyzing the PUPS Record/Alert for Action

GN 02607.600

Identity Data Development and Verification Processing

GN 02607.600B

Inmate Data Development and Verification Processing

GN 02607.600A.2.

Obtaining Missing Information on Reporters and Facilities

GN 02607.670

Suspending Title II Prisoners/NGRIs by Using PUPS

GN 02607.700

Selecting the Correct PUPS Reports for Case Processing

GN 02607.710

Processing Cases Through PUPS Where the Conviction/Commitment is Pending

GN 02607.720

Processing Case Through PUPS after the Conviction/Commitment is Confirmed

GN 02607.730

Processing PUPS Automated Processing Exclusion Cases Received Via 2790 Fax Process

GN 02607.995

T2R Exception Processing

GN 02607.995C

Processing Federal Bureau of Prison (3BOP) PUPS Alerts/Records

GN 02607.792A.

D. Procedure – PC/OCO-ODO Instructions for determining when to request a Title II manual incentive payment

See GN 02607.820 for instructions on when to request a manual incentive payment on a title II case.

E. Procedure – PC/OCO-ODO processing of reinstatement actions

1. Instructions for reinstating benefits to prisoners

See GN 02607.860B.2. for instructions that the PC/OCO-ODO will use when benefit reinstatement did not occur through POS/PUPS.

2. Instructions for reinstating benefits to Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmates

See GN 02607.792E. for instructions that the PC/OCO-ODO should use when reinstating benefits to released Bureau of Prisons (3BOP) Inmates.

3. INstructions for reinstating benefits to NGRI inmates