RS 00208.000 Mother's and Father's Benefits

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RS 00208.001Mother/Father Definitions and RequirementsTN 13 02-12
RS 00208.005Child-in-Care BenefitsTN 13 02-12
RS 00208.010Surviving Divorced Mother/FatherTN 13 02-12
RS 00208.015Mothers and Fathers PaymentTN 15 03-12
RS 00208.020Mothers and Fathers Nonpayment - PolicyTN 10 12-05
RS 00208.025Policy for Mothers and Fathers DeductionsTN 15 03-12
RS 00208.030Mothers and Fathers TerminationTN 10 12-05
RS 00208.035Mothers and Fathers Effect of RemarriageTN 15 03-12
RS 00208.040Mothers and Fathers Evidence Requirements and Forms - PolicyTN 15 03-12
RS 00208.045Mothers and Fathers Proof of AgeTN 15 03-12
RS 00208.050Mothers and Fathers Proof of MarriageTN 15 03-12
RS 00208.055Mothers and Fathers Validity of Divorce or Marriage of Surviving Divorced Mother/FatherTN 9 10-93
RS 00208.060Development for Eligibility of Remarried Mother and FatherTN 15 03-12
RS 00208.070Development for Disabled Child Prior to Age 16 ProcedureTN 15 03-12
RS 00208.075PC Action When Notified of Pending CDB CaseTN 11 03-06
RS 00208.080Processing Center (PC) Procedure When Mother/Father no Longer has a Child-in-CareTN 14 03-12
RS 00208.085Mother's/Father's To Widow(er)'s Benefits at Full Retirement Age (FRA)TN 12 01-07
RS 00208.090Converting Spouse's Benefits to Mother's/Father's Benefits, Lump Sum (LS) Award, and Change of Payee for ChildrenTN 14 03-12
RS 00208.095Field Office (FO) Action When Notice of Death Received from Widow(er) Entitled as Spouse under Full Retirement Age (FRA) with Child-in-CareTN 14 03-12
RS 00208.100FO Action When Notice of Death Received - RR Employment InvolvedTN 9 10-93
RS 00208.105Avoidance of Entitlement - Mothers/FathersTN 9 10-93
RS 00208.110Medicare - Requiremen