RS 01602.000 Processing Claims with Railroad Involvement

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RS 01602.005Overview of Claims with Railroad ServiceTN 14 04-17
RS 01602.102The Railroad Retirement (RR) Employment Question on Benefit ApplicationsTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.105Identifying a Vested ClaimantTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.110Erroneous Certifications by SSA to the RRB or the TreasuryTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.150Processing Life Cases with Railroad Retirement (RR) Service InvolvementTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.200Field Office (FO) Processing of a Survivor Claim with Railroad (RR) ServiceTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.202Processing Survivor and Lump Sum Death Payment (LSDP) Claims with Railroad InvolvementTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.205Survivor Claims Transferred to the Social Security Administration (SSA) from the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB)TN 12 01-14
RS 01602.215Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Reverses Jurisdiction DeterminationTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.225Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Residual Lump-Sum (LS) Payment for the Period of 1937 through 1974TN 12 01-14
RS 01602.305Claimant Alleges No Railroad Retirement (RR) Service but Earnings Record (E/R) Shows RR EarningsTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.340Social Security Administration (SSA) Processing Center (PC) Action When Number Holder (NH) Acquires 60 or 120 Months of Railroad Retirement (RR) Service after Entitlement to an SSA Benefit Partially Based on RR ServiceTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.345The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Erroneously Certifies Railroad Retirement (RR) Earnings to the Social Security Administration (SSA)TN 12 01-14
RS 01602.350Processing Scrambled Earnings with Railroad Service InvolvementTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.405Railroad Retirement InquiriesTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.500Referral of Retirement, Survivor, Disability Insurance (RSDI) Claimants to the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB)TN 12 01-14
RS 01602.505Recomputation Cases with Railroad Service InvolvementTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.507Prospective Retirement Insurance Benefit (RIB) Claimant Receives or Received Benefits under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act (RUIA) within the Last 18 MonthsTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.515Award Notices for Railroad Retirement Board Certification (RR Cert) ClaimsTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.525Representative Payee Issues with Railroad InvolvementTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.530Evaluation of Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) EvidenceTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.604Automated 101 (A101) and Electronic Form 101 (EF101) Entries for Railroad Retirement Board Certification (RR Cert) CasesTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.606Form SSA-3606, Notice to RRB of SSA Benefit InformationTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.608Documenting Railroad EmploymentTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.611SSA-721, Statement of Death by Funeral Director, with Railroad InvolvementTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.620Form RR-8 Notice of Protection of Filing Date for Social Security BenefitsTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.622RR Form RR-3 (RRB Report of Events Affecting SSA Payments)TN 12 01-14
RS 01602.626Form RR-80 Report of Health Insurance (HI) Information with SSA JurisdictionTN 12 01-14
RS 01602.630Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Form RR-3T, Social Security Administration (SSA) Jurisdiction of Survivor Benefits, RRB Report of Events Affecting SS Payments and Medicare Information, and RRB Form G-37E, Jurisdiction MessageTN 12 01-14

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