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RS 02803.250 PC Action When CPS Is Used

A. General

Whenever a CPS transaction is input, electronic or paper documentation output is generated to the PC. The receipt of the documentation is the first notification to the PC that the critical case procedures have been invoked by the field office. The output displays payment and other identifying information about the critical case.

B. CPS Output

When reviewing the output, if payment has been initiated under a number other than the claim number, use other means of identifying the correct claim number (e. g. Representative Payee System, etc.) If this does not produce the proper claim number, e-mail or call the field office and ascertain the correct claim number. When the correct claim number is located, process a CPS and transfer payment action.

If the FO records reflect the same claim number as originally input, request the FO to contact the beneficiary to verify the claim number. If the claim is lost, redevelop under the lost claim procedure. If jurisdiction belongs to another PC, process a CPS correction action to change the output disposition indicator (ODI).

Review the CPS output to determine the state of processing. When a claims or post-entitlement action is required, make sure that the corrective action is taken promptly and that controls are maintained.

If it determined, based upon the review, that the beneficiary is not entitled to benefits, immediately process a manual CPS stop-payment and control recovery of any overpayment etc. Clear the CPS record either via MADCAP/MCS action, or if appropriate, by routing it to Office of Automation Support for manual clearance.

When a future suspension or termination of benefits is applicable (e.g., age 18, no child under 16, etc.), determine if the correct last payment month (LPM) was input on the CPS transaction. If not, prepare PCACS diary to control the case for the first of the month before the month of suspension or termination. When the diary matures, process a MADCAP/MCS conditional adjustment and cancel the diary. If a MADCAP/MCS action cannot be processed when the diary matures, process a manual CPS stop-payment action (If the correct LPM was input, a diary is not necessary because the CPS payments will stop automatically.)

Whenever a CPS payment is made to replace an overpayment benefit withholding, the field office will annotate the nature of problem field (NPF) with the remark “O/P INVOLVED-PSC ACTION REQUIRED.” This remark alerts the PSC that action is needed to adjust the ROAR overpayment amount. All existing instructions regarding overpayments are applicable.

Whenever a MADCAP/CPS/MCS interface results in the posting of an overpayment to the MBR, existing instructions regarding overpayments are applicable. Notify the beneficiary of the overpayment, and include reconsideration/waiver rights, etc.

When a MADCAP/MCS corrective action is applicable, examine the CPS payee name and address (PNA) carefully. If the CPS PNA is different than the MBR data, be sure to enter the correct PNA on the MADCAP/MCS action.

C. When CPS is Paid for a Nonreceipt Month

When a CPS payment was issued because a regular MBR payment was not received, refer the case to the mod to ensure that non-recept or stop payment action has been taken on the missing payment in accordance with appropriate sections in GN 02406.000 and GN 02408.000

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