GN 02406.000 Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI

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GN 02406.001Glossary of Nonreceipt TermsTN 51 07-18
GN 02406.002The Robinson/Reyf Class Action SuitTN 51 07-18
GN 02406.030Nonreceipt When Beneficiary Authorized Transfer of Funds -- PolicyTN 47 05-18
GN 02406.117Failure to Receive a Paper Check — Title II, Title XVI — Field Office (FO), Processing Center (PC), Teleservice Center (TSC) Procedures — OverviewTN 36 03-17
GN 02406.120When to Use the Nonreceipt of Payment Process — GeneralTN 36 03-17
GN 02406.123Regional Financial Center (RFC) Disposition of NonreceiptsTN 24 03-11
GN 02406.125Transmitting Reports of Nonreceipt, Loss, Theft, or Destruction -- Title II and Title XVI -- Recurring Checks and PMA Checks -- Normal and Dire Need SituationsTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.127Nonreceipt of Paper Check Payments Made To Non-BeneficiariesTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.130Nonreceipt Interview and ScreeningTN 52 07-18
GN 02406.135Processing Reports of Nonreceipt, Loss, Theft, or Destruction of Payments -- Checks Due And Not DueTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.137General Status Requests for PaymentsTN 47 05-18
GN 02406.140Request for Non-certified Photocopies of ChecksTN 35 02-17
GN 02406.145Requests for Certified Photocopies of ChecksTN 35 02-17
GN 02406.147Handling a Request for a Certified Payment Extract (CPE)TN 44 12-17
GN 02406.150When to Request Payment after Status C-Stop - Normal and Dire Need SituationsTN 44 12-17
GN 02406.160When to Use Forms FMS-1133 and FMS-3858TN 27 11-11
GN 02406.175Exclusions to the Nonreceipt ProcessTN 44 12-17
GN 02406.180Statutory Limitation on Processing Claims of Nonreceipt and Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Payments (Also Credits and Limited Payability)TN 26 08-11
GN 02406.200Failure to Receive a Courtesy Disbursement Or Replacement Check -- Title II (Normal, Dire Need, and Abuse Situations)TN 14 04-00
GN 02406.201Nonreceipt of Title II Critical Payment System (CPS) ChecksTN 41 09-17
GN 02406.202Nonreceipt of a Settlement Check for Title II and Title XVITN 41 09-17
GN 02406.205Nonreceipt of Underpayment Check/Type 2 and One-Time Payment/Type 4 Payment -- Field Office And Teleservice Center Instructions -- Title XVITN 14 04-00
GN 02406.207Nonreceipt of Courtesy Disbursement or Replacement Check/ Type 9 Payment -- Field Office and Teleservice Center Instructions -- Title XVITN 14 04-00
GN 02406.210Nonreceipt of Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR)TN 26 08-11
GN 02406.220Failure to Receive a Claims Package or Forgery Determination -- FollowupTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.225Non-receipt of a Dual Entitlement CheckTN 43 12-17
GN 02406.230Smudged or Mutilated Title II and Title XVI Checks -- Return and ReissuanceTN 38 08-17
GN 02406.232Same or Similar Name CasesTN 40 09-17
GN 02406.240Non-receipt Reported for the Second Consecutive Month ProcedureTN 40 09-17
GN 02406.245Payment Over Cancellation (POC)/Credit ReversalTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.260FMS-1199 (Schedule of Courtesy Check Disbursements) — Possible Duplicate PaymentTN 49 06-18
GN 02406.265Handling of Form TFS-1268 (Notice by the Office of the Treasurer of the United States)TN 29 01-12
GN 02406.300Original and Courtesy or Replacement Check Cashed – Double Check Negotiation (DCN) – Potential OverpaymentTN 16 09-04
GN 02406.305Nonreceipt Alleged for Title XVI Recurring or Supplemental Payment and Forgery Indicator AlertTN 19 06-08
GN 02406.310Request for Reconsideration of DCN Overpayment or Forgery DeterminationTN 16 09-04
GN 02406.405Department of the Treasury Regional Financial Center (RFC) Processing of Nonreceipt -- Check ProcessingTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.410Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service), Check Claims Branch (CCB) Processing -- Checks ProcessingTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.420Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) AddressesTN 37 07-17
GN 02406.425Treasury Case Action Codes of Claims Disposition Notices (CDN)TN 42 11-17
GN 02406.430Treasury Check Payment and Reconciliation System (CP&R) Case Action CodesTN 42 11-17
GN 02406.505Nonreceipt of a check Outside the United StatesTN 49 06-18
GN 02406.510Guidelines for Processing Nonreceipt Reports -- Foreign Involvement - Office of Earnings and International Operations (OEIO) -- ProceduresTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.515Processing Nonreceipt Reports - Foreign InvolvementTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.520Foreign Involvement -- Reference Material to be Used When Processing Nonreceipt ReportsTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.525Foreign Involvement--Payment Issued From Another Processing Center (PC)TN 14 04-00
GN 02406.540Foreign Involvement -- Processing Allegations Of Nonreceipt of U.S. Totalization BenefitsTN 14 04-00
GN 02406.700General Information on Mass Loss of Checks and the Payment Delivery Alert System (PDAS)TN 48 05-18
GN 02406.705Determination for Mass Loss of ChecksTN 46 04-18
GN 02406.710Non-receipt Interviews for Mass Loss of ChecksTN 33 06-15
GN 02406.712When a Double Check Negotiation (DCN) Occurs and Involves Mass LossTN 33 06-15
GN 02406.715Systems Processing of Mass LossTN 33 06-15
GN 02406.805Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Certification Cases Nonreceipt of Payment ProceduresTN 28 12-11
GN 02406.810Processing Center (PC) Nonreceipt of Payment Action for Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) CasesTN 28 12-11

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