DI 22510.000 Development of Consultative Examinations (CE)

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 22510.001Introduction to Consultative Examinations (CE)TN 13 04-13
DI 22510.005When to Purchase a Consultative Examination (CE)TN 13 04-13
DI 22510.006When Not to Purchase a Consultative Examination (CE)TN 13 04-13
DI 22510.010Selecting a Qualified Medical Source to Perform a Consultative Examination (CE)TN 17 03-17
DI 22510.011Use of Pain Specialists and/or Pain Centers (Clinics) As CE SourcesBASIC 04-00
DI 22510.012Use of Video Teleconferencing Technology for Psychiatric and Psychological Consultative ExaminationsTN 14 07-14
DI 22510.015Information for Consultative Examination (CE) SourceTN 12 11-12
DI 22510.016Consultative Examination (CE) Appointment Special Scheduling ProceduresTN 9 07-11
DI 22510.017Consultative Examination (CE) Appointment NoticeTN 10 11-11
DI 22510.019Consultative Examination (CE) Appointment Notice Follow up and ReminderTN 9 07-11
DI 22510.020Guidelines for Reviewing and Obtaining Corrected Consultative Examination (CE) ReportsTN 16 09-16
DI 22510.021Consultative Examination (CE) Report Content Guidelines - Mental DisordersTN 4 09-04
DI 22510.022CE Report Content Guidelines - Internal MedicineBASIC 04-00
DI 22510.023Consultative Examination Report Content Guidelines - Inflammatory ArthritisTN 3 04-03
DI 22510.024CE Report Content Guidelines - RespiratoryBASIC 04-00
DI 22510.025CE Report Content Guidelines - CardiovascularBASIC 04-00
DI 22510.026CE Report Content Guidelines - Neurological DisordersBASIC 04-00
DI 22510.027Consultative Examination Report Content Guidelines - MusculoskeletalTN 3 04-03
DI 22510.035Pediatric CE Report Content Guidelines - GeneralBASIC 04-00
DI 22510.036Pediatric CE Report Content Guidelines - GrowthBASIC 04-00
DI 22510.037Pediatric Consultative Examination Report Content Guidelines - MusculoskeletalTN 3 04-03
DI 22510.039Pediatric CE Report Content Guidelines - RespiratoryBASIC 04-00
DI 22510.040Pediatric CE Report Content Guidelines - CardiovascularBASIC 04-00
DI 22510.041Pediatric CE