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DI 22515.003 Developing Sufficient Vocational Evidence

A. No vocational evidence from a prior filing available

1. Initial development

Review the vocational evidence on the SSA-3368-BK (Disability Report – Adult) prior to sending the claimant an SSA-3369-BK (Work History Report) to obtain additional vocational evidence. If the information in file is sufficient for a step 4 or 5 determination, or if the claimant is highly likely to meet or equal a listed impairment at step 3 of sequential evaluation, do not send the claimant an SSA-3369-BK to obtain additional vocational evidence.

If the claimant is homeless, the field office will obtain a completed SSA-3369-BK . See DI 11005.018B.2. If additional evidence is necessary, contact the claimant’s past employers or others who may have knowledge of the claimant’s work history. Make special efforts to get complete vocational documentation.

If the field office (FO) provides an EDCS SSA-3369, information entered into the Job History section of the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) SSA-3368 (Disability Report – Adult) propagates into the EDCS SSA-3369 (Work History Report).

To prevent unnecessary development and potential inconsistencies among forms, you must review the certified electronic folder (CEF) for the presence of the EDCS SSA-3369 before developing an additional SSA-3369-BK . If the EDCS SSA-3369 is in the CEF, review it for completeness and accuracy. For information about the EDCS SSA-3369 (Work History Report), see DI 81020.020C.

2. Prior to finalizing a determination

Analyze the residual functional capacity (RFC), age, education, specialized training (if material), and job history in the case file before determining if vocational evidence is sufficient. Do not request additional information if you have sufficient evidence to assess Sequential Evaluation Steps 4 and 5, or if the expedited vocational assessment at Steps 4 and 5 of sequential evaluation, in DI 25005.005 applies.

NOTE: The FO abbreviates vocational development on the SSA-3369-BK when SSA identifies the claim as Quick Disability Determination (QDD), Compassionate Allowance (CAL), or Terminal Illness (TERI) case. Send the SSA-3369-BK to the claimant for completion if you determine the case will require evaluation at step 4 or 5 of sequential evaluation.

B. Vocational evidence from a prior filing available

1. Reviewing vocational evidence

Vocational evidence in prior filings may be sufficient for making a current determination. Review any SSA-3368-BK, SSA-3369-BK , SSA-5002 (Report of Contact), Disability Case Processing System (DCPS) Disability Determination Explanation (DDE), or case summary, before making a determination whether vocational evidence is sufficient.

Use this information to complete analysis at steps 4 and 5 of sequential evaluation if there is no material change to age, education, training, or date last worked. No further vocational development is needed when prior filing vocational evidence is sufficient for the current claim.

2. Moving relevant vocational evidence

Move relevant vocational evidence from the prior filing into the current filing For detailed information about prior folder material see, DI 81020.030. Examples of relevant vocational evidence include:

  • information about age, education, or training; and

  • a description of all relevant past relevant work (PRW).

C. Material inconsistencies in the evidence

Development is not complete until you have resolved any material inconsistencies in the medical, nonmedical, or vocational evidence. Document the case file by describing both:

  • The details of the inconsistencies; and,

  • How you resolved them.

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