DI 39518.000 DDS Personnel

Subchapter Table of Contents
Standards — DDS
DI 39518.005Staffing Requirement -- DDS
DI 39518.010Utilization of Staff -- DDS
DI 39518.015Avoiding Restrictions -- Policy
DI 39518.020Meal Costs at an Employee's Official Duty Station - Operating Policy
DI 39518.025Equal Employment Opportunity -- DDS
DI 39518.030Employment Insurance Programs -- DDS
DI 39518.035Retirement Contributions -- DDS
DI 39518.040Non-SSA Program Work -- DDS
DI 39518.045Disclosure of Information -- DDS
DI 39518.050Litigation and Related Issues - Challenges to Determinations or Procedures -- DDS
DI 39518.055Litigation and Related Issues - Federal Tort Claims – Disability Determination Services (DDS)
DI 39518.060Litigation and Related Issues - Administrative Challenges -- DDS
DI 39518.065Administrative Provisions for Assuring that Mental Impairment Cases are Evaluated by Qualified Professionals
DI 39518.070DDS Budgeting Policy
DI 39518.075DDS Time Records Reporting

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