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DI 39539.005 SSA Electronic Automated Distribution Management System (eADMS)

A. Introduction

The Office of Media and Logistics Management (OMLM) manages the Electronic Automated Distribution Management System (eADMS). The eADMS delivers selected SSA publications (e.g., POMS, MSOM, CFR, Federal Register, Commissioner Bulletins, etc.) to offices on predetermined dates.

B. Procedure

1. DDS responsibility

The Disability Determination Services (DDS) is responsible for establishing controls to ensure the quantities and items placed on the eADMS distribution lists are valid. When appropriate, the DDS should furnish justification or approvals of items placed on the distribution lists. Responsibilities include:

  • submitting correct mailing address

  • submitting publication needs and quantity requirements

  • keeping information on the eADMS current by promptly requesting additions, deletions, and/or changes


      DDS questions and/or problems regarding distribution of SSA publications should be directed to the regional office. The regional office may contact OMLM via the SSA Intranet or via telephone at (410) 965-7253.

2. Changing address and/or distribution data

To change either address data or quantity requirements, use the eADMS.

Changes must be submitted within ten days of actual need to prevent misdirected mail.

If an office receives a discrepant delivery of paper POMS, immediately report the discrepancy via e-mail.

3. Maintaining distribution lists

Each new publication will be assigned a three digit distribution list number as an identifier when making changes to items delivered via the eADMS.

To obtain a copy of the current distribution list of your office, contact OMLM. You may also request the information via e-mail.

4. Obtaining extra copies

Some publications are also stocked in MyStock. To obtain publications outside of the eADMS, follow procedures outlined in DI 39539.009 and DI 39539.013.

5. Establishing accounts for new offices

To establish a new account, follow the instructions in the eADMS.

The new recipient office will be assigned a five digit distribution account number. This number must be used in all future contacts with the eADMS control - whether by telephone or correspondence - to identify the office.

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