BASIC (01-01)

DI 40525.060 Step One - Title II Folder Recall – Initial Pull Period - First 90 Days in Operations

A. Process

During the Initial Pull Period one or more of the following folder recall actions may occur. The Initial Pull Period begins the date the Disability Control File (DCF) is updated to show “Initiate CDR” or “Initiate CDR-VR Requested” and runs for 90 days.

CDR alerts are produced from the Automated Direct Release (ADR) process and as a result of the CDR mailer process.

1. Megasite files operation and caves file:

  1. Alerts are printed for both the Megasite files operation and Caves folder locations in OCO and MAMPSC respectively and the folders are pulled and sent directly to the field offices.

  2. Megasite/Caves sends any folder material located during the search even if it is not the complete folder containing the CPD medical evidence.

  3. Megasite/Caves is responsible for sending the alerts for folders that are not located to OCO/PSC. OCO/PSCs are then responsible for performing a special search and if necessary, preparing a duplicate folder and sending it to the FO.


  1. Alerts for folders located in operational locations (i.e., MODS, DRS, etc.) and auxiliary storage locations are sent to the jurisdictional PSC.

  2. OCO/PSCs are responsible for retrieving Title II and the Title II portion of the concurrent TII/TXVI folder(s) in operational components and auxiliary files locations, i.e., the National Records Center (NARA) and the Federal Records Center (FRC), for CDR direct release/mailer alerts and mailing them to the FOs.

  3. The PSC sends any folder material belonging to the NH located during the search, even if it is not the complete folder containing the most recent CPD medical decision.

  4. OCO/PSCs can take up to 90 days from the initial ADR Process selection date to locate the Title II and Title II portion of the concurrent TII/TXVI folder(s) for CDR direct release/mailer alerts.

  5. OCO/PSC are responsible for preparing a duplicate folder (see DI 40525.075) if the folder shown on PCACS cannot be located or has been destroyed. A thorough search is made to locate the appropriate folder/medical evidence before a duplicate folder is prepared. (See DI 40525.070.)

3. FO contact

FOs will contact the DRS/Module Manager for any original folder received that has not been updated in PCACS to their location.

B. Procedure – document your efforts and findings

Inevitably there will be some cases that cannot be found. Once you have done a thorough job looking for a file — DOCUMENT YOUR EFFORTS. Documentation is for follow-up purposes and to inform the next person/component who handles the case not to spend time repeating the search effort. Document on the SSA-5002 (see DI 40525.125) all efforts to obtain the folder(s). Circle/highlight pertinent data/information, e.g., on the NUMI circle/highlight any name change. Keep all reports of telephone