HI 00610.000 Supplementary Medical Insurance

Subchapter Table of Contents
HI 00610.001Scope of Benefits(SMI)
Covered Services—SMI
HI 00610.010Incurred Expenses
HI 00610.020When SMI Expenses Are Incurred
Physician Services
HI 00610.030Physicians' Services
HI 00610.040Provider-Based Physicians' Services
HI 00610.050Services of Interns and Residents
HI 00610.060Supervising Physicians in the Teaching Setting
HI 00610.070Radiological and Pathological Services to Hospital Inpatients
HI 00610.080Coverage of Chiropractic Services
Other Medical and Health Services
HI 00610.090Services of Physical Therapists in Independent Practice
HI 00610.100Services and Supplies
HI 00610.110Drugs and Biologicals
HI 00610.120Diagnostic X-Ray, Diagnostic Laboratory, and Other Diagnostic Tests
HI 00610.130Diagnostic Laboratory Services Furnished by an Independent Laboratory
HI 00610.140Psychologists Practicing Independently
HI 00610.150Otologic Evaluations
HI 00610.160Portable X-Ray Services
HI 00610.170X-Ray, Radium and Radioactive Isotope Therapy
HI 00610.180Surgical Dressings, and Splints, Casts, and Other Devices Used for Reduction of Fractures and Dislocations
HI 00610.190Rental and Purchase of Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
HI 00610.200Definition of Durable Medical Equipment
HI 00610.210Necessary and reasonable
HI 00610.220Repairs, Maintenance, Replacement and Delivery
HI 00610.230Coverage of Supplies and Accessories
HI 00610.240Miscellaneous Issues Included in the Coverage of Equipment
HI 00610.250Ambulance Service
HI 00610.260Air Ambulance Service
HI 00610.270Prosthetic Devices
HI 00610.280Leg, Arm, Back, and Neck Braces, Trusses, and Artificial Legs, Arms and Eyes
HI 00610.290Dental Services
HI 00610.300Examples of Durable Medical Equipment Covered and Not Covered
HI 00610.302Ambulatory Surgery
HI 00610.304Antigens
HI 00610.306Pneumococcal Vaccine and Its Administration
HI 00610.310Treatment of End-Stage Renal Disease
HI 00610.320Dialysis Settings
HI 00610.330Physician's Services for ESRD
HI 00610.340Home Dialysis Aides
Organ Transplants
HI 00610.345Organ Transplants
Provider Services—Part B
HI 00610.350Payment for Medical and Other Health Services Furnished by Hospitals and SNF's
HI 00610.360Outpatient Hospital Services
HI 00610.370Outpatient Physical Therapy and Speech Pathology
HI 00610.375Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) Services
HI 00610.380Outpatient Occupational Therapy Services
HI 00610.390Home Health Benefits
HI 00610.400Duration of Home Health Services Under SMI
HI 00610.410Home Health Agencies Furnishing Medical and Other Health Services
HI 00610.420Special Option While Under a Home Health Plan
Deductibles, Coinsurance, Psychiatric Limitation
HI 00610.430Annual Part B Cash Deductible
HI 00610.431Special Carryover Rule for Expenses Incurred Prior to 1981
HI 00610.440Coinsurance
HI 00610.450Exceptions to Part B Deductible and Coinsurance
HI 00610.460Group Practice Prepayment Plan
HI 00610.470Medical Insurance Blood Deductible
HI 00610.480Noninpatient Psychiatric Services Limitation — Expenses Incurred for Physician's Services
HI 00610.490Noninpatient Psychiatric Services Limitation Computation
HI 00610.510Determining When the Limitation Applies

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