HI 01001.000 Supplementary Medical Insurance

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HI 01001.001Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Premium for 2002TN 21 09-01
HI 01001.002Premium Payable and Surcharges--2001TN 21 09-01
HI 01001.004The Variable Supplementary Medical Insurance (VSMI) PremiumTN 32 10-10
HI 01001.010Premium Increase for Late EnrollmentTN 29 03-07
HI 01001.011Examples of Premium Increases for Late EnrollmentTN 20 02-95
HI 01001.012Premiums and Surcharges Through 12/88 
HI 01001.013Premiums in Effect for 1989 Due to the Enactment of Medicare Catastrophic CoverageTN 14 07-90
HI 01001.014Part B Premiums and Surcharges in Effect after 1989TN 31 11-09
HI 01001.015Months for Which Premiums Are DueTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.020Collection of PremiumsTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.030Billing ProcessTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.040Beneficiaries in Benefit Payment StatusTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.041Collection from Beneficiaries When the Amount of the Benefit Payment is Less than the Amount of the PremiumTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.045Benefits Are SuspendedTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.055Handling Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Claims When Adjudication of Social Security or Railroad Retirement Claim is DelayedTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.065Premium Payment Information Furnished Enrollee at the Time of EnrollmentTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.070Quarterly and Monthly Premium PaymentsTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.075Information Regarding Monthly PaymentsTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.080Enrollee Changes from Quarterly to Monthly Pay Plan after Coverage BeginsTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.085Initial Billing ProceduresTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.090Receipt of Premiums in the Field Office (FO)TN 22 11-01
HI 01001.095Due Date and Grace PeriodTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.100Delinquent NoticeTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.105Entitlement to Special Age 72 PaymentsTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.110Collection from Individual Entitled under Both SS Act and RR Act 
HI 01001.115Processing RRB Cases with HI/SMI Entitlement through MADCAP 
HI 01001.125Attainment Cases 
HI 01001.130JURIS Processing 
HI 01001.135Processed Actions 
HI 01001.140Processing JURIS Alerts 
HI 01001.145Processing JURIS Exceptions 
HI 01001.150Processing RRB Form RR-80 
HI 01001.155“P” Option is Not Currently on the MBR 
HI 01001.160“P” Option is Currently Present on the MBR 
HI 01001.165Civil Service Annuitants and Spouses 
HI 01001.170Initial Awards 
HI 01001.175Subsequent Activity 
HI 01001.180Civil Service Billing After a State Deletion 
HI 01001.181Processing Delayed Third Party Accretions 
HI 01001.185Termination of CSC Deductions 
HI 01001.190Handling SMI Premiums for Beneficiaries Affected by the Spouse's Government Pension Offset 
HI 01001.195Beneficiary Reports Receipt of Government Pension After Entitlement to Spouse's Benefit 
HI 01001.200Complaints Involving Alleged State Buy-In Coverage 
HI 01001.205State Buy-In 
HI 01001.210Deletions of State Buy-In Coverage 
HI 01001.215Retroactive, Simultaneous Accretions/Deletions 
HI 01001.220“PW” Process 
HI 01001.225When Premium Notices May Be Sent to an Individual Other Than An EnrolleeTN 22 11-01
Group Collection and Billing Procedures
HI 01001.230Group Collection-General 
HI 01001.235Group PayersTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.240Rules Governing Group Billing Arrangement 
HI 01001.245Payment by Groups 
HI 01001.250Addition of Persons to Group Billing Account 
HI 01001.255Beneficiary Dropped From Group Payment Plan 
HI 01001.260District Office Procedure in Complaint or Problem Cases Relating to Group Billing Arrangement 
HI 01001.265Responsibilities of Parties to Formal Group Collection Arrangements 
HI 01001.270Termination of Group Billing 
HI 01001.271Payment of Part B Late Enrollment Premium Surcharge by States and Local GovernmentsTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.272Rules Governing Premium Surcharge Billing ArrangementsTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.273Responsibilities of Parties Under Premium Surcharge Payment ArrangementsTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.274Components Within CMS That Administer the Part B Premium Surcharge Billing ArrangementsTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.275Sample Notice- State or Local Government Retirement System Will Pay the Premium Surcharge for Medicare Part B -- Beneficiary in Current Pay StatusTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.276Sample Notice- State or Local Government Retirement System Discontinues Paying the Premium Surcharge for Medicare Part B -- Beneficiary in Current Pay StatusTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.277Sample Notice- State or Local Government Retirement System Will Pay the Premium Surcharge for Medicare Part B -- Beneficiary in Direct Bill StatusTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.278Sample Notice- State or Local Government Retirement System Discontinues Paying the Premium Surcharge for Medicare Part B -- Beneficiary is in Direct Bill StatusTN 25 01-04
HI 01001.280Extension When Last Day of Grace Period Is a NonworkdayTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.285Premium Payment by CheckTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.290Action Affecting Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Coverage at End of Grace PeriodTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.295When Premiums May Be Deemed Paid TimelyTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.300Field Office (FO) Action When Enrollee Protests DeterminationTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.305Program Service Center (PSC) Action on Request for ReliefTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.310Billing for Premiums after an Incorrect TerminationTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.315Changes in Method of Premium PaymentTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.320Refund of Excess Medicare Premiums--Voluntary TerminationTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.325Refunding Excess Medicare Premiums for Deceased BeneficiariesTN 33 03-17
HI 01001.330Incorrect Premium RefundsTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.335Recovering Unpaid PremiumsTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.345Handling Premiums in Connection with a ReenrollmentTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.350Payment Within Grace Period 
HI 01001.355Extension of Grace Period for Good Cause 
HI 01001.360“Good Cause” Defined 
HI 01001.365DO Action When Enrollee Requests Relief 
HI 01001.367Equitable Relief Involving RRB Beneficiaries 
HI 01001.370Reviewing Office Action on Request for Relief 
HI 01001.375Premium ProblemsTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.380SSA-5002-HB, Report of ContactTN 22 11-01
HI 01001.381Exhibit — Teletype Message to RRB Regarding PDA Status 
HI 01001.382Exhibit — Teletype Message to RRB to Resubmit Accretion 
HI 01001.383RR9-SS Benefit and Overpayment and SMI Premium Arrearage Transmittal 
HI 01001.384Memorandum for Premium Arrearages Based on Equitable Relief 

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