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VB 01503.320 Whereabouts Determined After S06 Processed

A. Procedure — FO/FBU

If a beneficiary is located after SVB payments have been suspended (S06) per VB 01503.310B., do NOT reinstate benefits. Obtain the following:

  • The beneficiary's current address; and

  • A statement indicating the beneficiary's whereabouts during the S06 period (i.e., Did he or she visit the United States?) including addresses, dates and any other pertinent information. (Obtain evidence of the dates of the beneficiary's departure from, and return to, his or her home abroad if his/her statement shows that he/she was in the United States during the S06 period.)

Fax and then mail all materials to the CPS having SVB jurisdiction.

B. Procedure — CPS

1. S06 Status Less Than 12 Consecutive Months

Determine whether SVB payments are payable for the S06 month(s). Reinstate SVB and release benefits for months payable and:

  • Prepare and send a notice to the beneficiary explaining the resumption of SVB;

  • Follow NL 00801.005 for remailing correspondence that was returned as undeliverable, if any; and

  • Delete the suspension data from the SVB Intranet Site.

EXAMPLE: An SVB beneficiary's payments were automatically suspended (S06) as a result of TD receipt and AD coding of the February 2001 SVB check. The CPS was unsuccessful in obtaining the beneficiary's whereabouts. Notice of the suspension was prepared and sent to the address of record and the SVB Intranet was updated. On March 11, the beneficiary contact the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) alleging nonreceipt of the February and March SVB checks. The FBU asked the beneficiary for his address and he gave the same address reflected on the SVB SSR. When the FBU asked why a prior check would have been returned for address reasons, the beneficiary explained that he had temporarily moved in with his daughter from February 15th until March 9th while having work done on his house. The FBU verified this with the daughter and prepared documentation regarding the beneficiary's whereabouts. The FBU faxed (and then mailed) the documentation to the CPS. The CPS reinstated SVB, sent a notice of reinstatement to the beneficiary and updated the SVB Intranet site.

2. Beneficiary in T31 Status (S06 Status Exceeded 12 Consecutive Months)

Once SVB is terminated (T31) after 12 consecutive months of suspense (as explained in VB 01505.005), a new SVB application must be filed and SVB qualification and entitlement requirements need to be reestablished. (See VB 00102.001 for SVB qualification requirements and VB 00201.010 SVB application requirements.) (NOTE: Even if the record has not automatically terminated, a new application for SVB must be filed to reapply if the suspension was effective for 12 consecutive months.)

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