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DI 11055.015 Processing an SSI Initial Disability Application

When a claimant files an SSI disability claim, the field office (FO) collects the claimant’s non-medical information on a prescribed SSI application form. If the FO determines the claim requires a disability determination, the FO collects the claimant’s disability information using the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS).

Before creating an EDCS case for an initial claim:

  • Use the Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS) to collect the non-medical information, establishing the SSI claim in the mainframe.

  • If the claimant is also filing for Social Security disability insurance benefits (DIB), use the Modernized Claims System (MCS) to collect the DIB non-medical information.

A. Considerations for SSI application effective date and SSI protective filing date

1. Application effective date filed on or after 08/22/96

The application effective date applies to applications filed on or after 08/22/96. It is the first date for which payments can begin.

NOTE: See instructions on exceptions in “Age 65 Attainment” and in “Attainment of Age 18 and Deeming Applies” at SI 00601.009C.2. Contact your regional office for instructions on processing claims filed before 08/22/96.

2. Protective filing date

The SSI protective filing date may be established based on either

  • a written statement of intent to file or

  • an oral inquiry about SSI eligibility.

See SI 00601.015.

B. Disability interviews and disability forms

Individuals filing for disability must provide medical and non-medical evidence in support of their claims.


C. Processing an SSI disability application

Take an SSI prescribed application form electronically in MSSICS.

For a claim that is a system exclusion from MSSICS, either use a paper SSA-8000-BK or SSA-8001-BK as the prescribed application form.


1. Using MSSICS to electronically process the SSI disability application

Using MSSICS, the interviewer collects and documents information about the claimant. The FO collects data on the MSSICS screens in the same order as the SSI paper application forms.

  • Basic eligibility and general identification information (including general disability information),

  • Living arrangements,

  • Resources,

  • Income,

  • Residency, and citizenship or qualified alien status; and

  • Potential eligibility for other benefits


  • MSOM MSSICS 001.004, MSSICS Application Paths

  • MSOM MSSICS 002.001, How MSSICS Works With Data – Overview

2. Processing an SSI paper application

If the SSI disability claim is an exclusion from MSSICS electronic processing, use SSI paper application forms. Use the:

  • SSA-8000-BK , Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), for full applications;

  • SSA-8001-BK, Application for Supplemental Security Income, for deferred applications; or

  • SSA-8001-BK as the preferred abbreviated application process (ABAP) form.

NOTE: For MSSICS exclusion claims, either you may use the SSA-8001-BK or in certain situations, the SSA-8000-BK paper application forms, as the ABAP form in a technical denial situation. For The Abbreviated Application Process, see SI 00602.001.

Additionally, in disabled/blind child paper applications use Form SSA-8010-BK, Statement of Income and Resources to collect deemor information.


  • MSOM MSSICS 001.003, MSSICS Exclusions and Limitations

  • SI 00602.000, Abbreviated Application Process for Clear Technical Denials

  • SI 00604.001, Application For Supplemental Security Income, Form SSA-8000-BK

  • SI 00605.000, Use and Completion of Form SSA-8001-BK

  • SI 01310.600, Statement of Income and Resources (SSA-8010-BK) - General

  • DI 11005.016, Forms Used in Disability Claims

D. Building the Supplemental Security Record (SSR)

1. Electronic application

MSSICS initiates a process referred to as Build Transaction SSR (BTS). The BTS process builds the application information to the SSR, producing the Supplemental Security Income Display (SSID) query for the SSI claim.


MSOM BUSSR 001.002, Build Transaction SSR (BTS)

2. Paper application

When the SSI claim is an exclusion from processing in MSSICS, use Form SSA-450SI (SSI Data Input and Determination) to transmit the application information needed to produce the SSID query for the SSI claim.


  • SM 01005.000, Input Instructions for completing the SSA-450SI fields

  • SM 01010.010, Processing an Abbreviated Application Data Input Form (SSA-462)

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