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RM 10205.100 How Long Does it Take to Get an SSN Card?

The following information may be helpful for individuals who are interested in knowing when they may expect to receive their SSN card.

  • SSN cards are mailed from a central location based on the information entered into the enumeration processing system at the field office (FO) or Social Security card center (SSCC).

  • The applicant should receive the SSN card in the mail within 2 weeks of the FO submitting a complete application, including documentation of all required evidence.

If the applicant does not receive his or her SSN card within 2 weeks, he or she should notify the FO.

See Also

  • RM 10205.500 for information about lag time when an application for an original SSN card is made through Enumeration at Birth (EAB)

  • RM 10205.600 for further information when an application for an SSN card is made through Enumeration at Entry (EAE)

An applicant who applies for an original or a replacement SSN card through Enumeration Beyond Entry (EBE) should receive the card in the mail no later than 7 business days after he or she received Employment Authorization Document (EAD) form U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). For further information about EBE process, see RM 10205.700.

NOTE: The 2-week period does not include the time needed to verify documents with the issuing agency

See Also

  • RM 10210.270 Evaluation and Verification of Evidence of Age for an SSN Card

  • RM 10214.170 Requesting Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Verification of Immigration Documents Using Form G-845 (Document Verification Request)

If documents need verification, advise the applicant that verifying documents with the issuing authority could take several weeks to several months. When we receive verification of the documents, we will process the application and the applicant should receive their SSN card within 2 weeks of the date we process the application.

Offer to help the applicant if an employer or other third party needs to know the SSN immediately. See Receipts for Form SS-5, RM 10205.210.

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