TN 13 (05-02)

DI 26525.055 The TWP Diary

A. Introduction

The CDR file may indicate that the field office (FO) is establishing a TWP diary in a title II case involving work activity. When a TWP diary is required, follow the procedures in DI 26525.055B.

B. Procedure

1. Medical or Vocational Diary

Set an appropriate MIE, MIP, MINE, or vocational diary type and date.

2. SSA-408

  • Attach an SSA-408 route slip addressed to ODIO/PC-DRS or the appropriate PC to the folder. (See DI 32005.010 and DI 32010.010 for routing instructions).

  • Check “necessary action.”

  • Enter in remarks, “TWP diary (month/day/year) required. Input by SSA-3500-U2 (see SM 01305.825).” Show the 9th month of the TWP per the FO annotation in file, with “O1” as the day entry.

3. Systems Coding

Set an appropriate MIE, MIP, MINE, or vocational diary and complete the diary block of the SSA-831-C3/U3 (item 17) or SSA-832-C3/U3 SSA-833-C3/U3 (item 23) per usual instructions.

C. References

TWP Provisions

DI 28050.001 and DI 28050.005.

EPE Provisions

DI 28055.000 for instructions following the completion of the CDR.

1619 Provisions

DI 28001.015, DI 28075.600, DI 28075.600, and SI 02302.001.

SSA-831-C3/U3 - Diary Block

See DI 26510.020G., for SSA-831-U3 diary coding instructions.

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