TN 42 (12-23)

SI 00502.410 Notice Procedure (1997 Legislation)

A. Procedure — Claimant/Recipient Determined to be Eligible Alien

1. Eligibility Letter

Generally the system will generate an award or post-entitlement notice with the correct alien eligibility language, except in the situations list below.

Issue the eligibility letter in SI 00502.450 to an SSI recipient when you:

  • first determine that a recipient currently in current pay status (C01) is a U.S. citizen or national, or an eligible alien per SI 00502.100, and will remain in C01 pay status, or

  • determine that an alien previously determined eligible under SI 00502.100 has changed their status to U.S. citizen or to another eligible alien category or status, and the individual's payment status code remains the same.

The system will not generate an automated notice in the above two situations.

2. Manual Award or Reversal Notice

If you must suppress the automated award notice to an alien, or you are effectuating a favorable decision on an appeal, then include the alien eligibility paragraphs in SI 00502.460 in the manual notice, along with other appropriate paragraphs.

B. Procedure — N13 Denial/Suspension Notices — Not a Citizen or Eligible Alien

1. Manual Notices

Generally the system will generate a denial or suspension notice. If you must send a manual notice, use the language in SI 00502.470.

NOTE: To suppress the systems Notice of Planned Action when suspending benefits, you must input the required GK DPD entries to suppress the notice. Follow the instructions in SM 01305.535 to input notice suppression.

2. Manual Notice — Aged Individual Denied — Not Disabled

When an aged alien who must be found blind or disabled to be an “eligible alien” (SI 00502.142) is medically denied, always prepare a manual SSA-L8030, Notice of Disapproved Claim. This notice is on the Field Office Notice Software (FONS). The DDS will prepare and send to the FO an attachment for the denial notice called “Information About the Disability Decision” along with the folder. FO staff will include the attachment with the SSA-L8030 when it is mailed to the claimant. See SI 00502.470 for notice language explaining the attachment. In SI 00502.470, the notice language is under fill-in 4, choice 1.

C. Procedure — N23 Denial/Suspension Notices — Not A U.S. Resident

Generally the system will generate the appropriate notice. If you must send a manual notice, include the notice language in SI 00502.480.

D. Procedure — N13 Suspensions — 7-Year Period Of Eligibility Ends

Usually when an alien's 7-year period ends, the system will generate a suspension notice. However, if you must send a manual notice, include the language in SI 00502.485.

E. Procedure - Reinstatement From N13 Suspension

Generally the system will generate a notice when reinstating an individual from N13 suspension status because their alien status has changed. If you must send a manual notice, include the paragraphs in SI 00502.487 on the appropriate PE notice form, usually SSA-L8151, Notice of Change In Payment.

F. Procedure - Optional Multiple Language Enclosure

When preparing a manual notice, enclose a photocopy of the multiple language enclosure in SI 00502.500 whenever you believe it would better enable an alien claimant or recipient to respond to a request or understand a notice.

G. Procedure - Spanish Language Indicator On Record

If applicable, use the Spanish version of the Form Letter for Eligible Individuals in SI 00502.450B.

NOTE: There is no existing Spanish cover letter for this situation.

If applicable, use the Spanish versions for other notice paragraphs, which follow the English text.

NOTE: This language will be on the Spanish Field Office Notice Software (FONS) screens.

For English and Spanish versions of cover letters that provide appeals rights in Spanish for award, denial and most posteligibility situations, see NL 00801.025.

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