TN 16 (11-23)

SI 02004.100 Immediate Payments (IPs)


By using the IP process, FOs can make payment in a critical case while an individual is waiting in the office or on the next day. These expedited payments are faster than the 3-5 day period required to deliver Treasury-prepared payments via the Title II Critical Payment System (CPS), and the 5-7 day period via SSI A-OTPs or M-OTPs. The IP process applies to both the Title XVI and Title II programs and to cases with concurrent Title XVI eligibility and Title II entitlement.

This section deals with SSI IPs. See RS 02801.010 for instructions for Title II IPs.


1. Criteria for Making an SSI IP

To make an SSI IP we must ensure that:

  • The case involves delayed payment of an initial claim or delayed or interrupted payments, or nonreceipt of issued payments (see MS 00303.001, SI 02004.100B.4., GN 02406.001 and GN 02406.004C.); and

  • All development is complete and eligibility for payment is established; and

  • The person has a financial emergency (SI 02004.005) which the FO cannot otherwise resolve; or FO management concludes that this case represents a potential public relations problem requiring prompt action, e.g. homelessness or natural disasters which prevent mail delivery or access to banks. (See GN 02406.700 - GN 02406.715 and SM 01315.185—Mass Loss)

2. Initial Claims

a. SSN

Do not make an IP without a valid SSN.

b. Emergency Advance Payment (EAP) Rather Than IP

Make an SSI EAP, rather than an IP, if the EAP conditions are met (SI 02004.001).

c. IP After EAP

If the criteria in SI 02004.100B.1. are met in an initial claim, an IP can be made after an SSI EAP was made.

3. Posteligibility - Delayed or Interrupted Payment

An IP can be made if:

  • the criteria in SI 02004.100B.1. are met for a recipient who is being reinstated, or

  • payments will be delayed or stopped due to a systems limitation or other systems problem.

4. Nonreceipt of SSI Checks or Direct Deposit

An IP can be made after an individual reports nonreceipt of a payment if the criteria in SI 02004.100B.1. are met. If a STOP Payment action is required, see GN 02406.000 and SM 01315.152 for instructions.

NOTE: Review the record for possible double check negotiation abuse.

5. Maximum IP

The maximum IP amount for Title XVI is $2,000.00 to an individual or each member of an eligible couple. The maximum IP amount for Title II is $5,000.00 to an individual. The maximum IP amount for a combined Title XVI/Title II payment is $5,000.00 to an individual or each member of a couple, effective 10/21/23. Do not exceed this limit. If more benefits are due, use other means of payment (e.g., AOTP).

IPs are paid through the Third Party Payment System (TPPS).

Pay whichever amount is smaller:

  • $2,000.00 for an Title XVI eligible individual or each member of a Title XVI eligible couple, or

  • $5,000.00 for an individual receiving Title II or a combination of Title II and Title XVI,

  • The total unpaid benefits due at the time the FO makes the IP, or

  • The amount requested for the emergency—which may be less than the total of unpaid benefits due or $2,000.00 for an individual receiving Title XVI only; or $5,000.00 for an individual receiving a combination of Title II and Title XVI.

NOTE: The 30-day requirement no longer applies. An audit revealed that FOs followed the strict criteria for issuance of IPs. The concern about improper use of the IP procedures is not justified. This elimination of the 30-day requirement does not change any of the other requirements that apply to IPs. Thus, ALL criteria must continue to be met for an IP to be paid to an individual. It will be rare when someone would meet all requirements for a second IP within a 30-day timeframe.

Recovery of the IP will be from the first regular payment following the IP.

6. Related Policy

a. Title II Immediate Payments

RS 02801.010 explains the IP process criteria and policy.

b. Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR)

When an IAR payment to the State is computed, any EAPs or IPs made are first subtracted from the retroactive benefits payable.

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