TN 3 (05-92)

NL 00803.001 SSI Posteligibility Notices -- General


Act as amended, Section 1631;

A. Introduction

For each notice we send in the supplemental security income (SSI) posteligibility process, this chapter:

  • Describes the content of the notice;

  • Tells when we must send the notice;

  • Lists special situations that require a particular manual notice;

  • Provides a chart of acceptable captions and paragraphs for the body of the notice when standard notice language exists; and

  • Provides examples of completed notices.

B. Policy

Posteligibility notices tell supplemental security income (SSI) recipients about:

  • Determinations that affect payment amount or eligibility and the recipient's right to appeal, including the right to payment continuation when the determination results in reduction, suspension or termination; and

  • Other determinations and actions that do not affect payment amount or eligibility.

C. Description— Charts for Completing Notices

The charts in NL 00803.025, NL 00803.050, NL 00803.065 and NL 00803.092 are like the charts in NL 00802.001. The charts in NL 00803.001 list the acceptable captions and paragraphs for the SSA-L8155-U2, SSI Notice of Planned Action; SSA-L8151-U2, SSI Notice of Change; SSA-L8100-U2, SSI Notice of Revised Determination and the SSA-L8166-U2, SSI Important Information (for computer matching). The instructions in NL 00802.001B through NL 00802.001C explain how to use the charts to complete a notice and also apply to this subchapter.

D. Reference

Format of manual notices - NL 00801.010.

NOTE: SSA-Publication No. 67-003 (July 1989), “SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, Notice Standards” has comprehensive instructions on notice format.

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