TN 4 (03-91)

RM 00207.035 Auxiliary and Survivor Claims - General SSN

A. Policy

1. General

Although not required for entitlement, each title II claimant entitled June 1989 or later must have and provide an SSN, or must apply for an SSN to receive benefits. If the claimant refuses to provide his or her SSN or refuses to apply for one, see RS 00203.032.

2. Undocumented Aliens

If the claimant for benefits is an undocumented alien, no SSN may be assigned until development establishes the alien will be paid benefits. See RM 10211.500 and RM 10210.010.

B. Procedure

How to process the SS-5:

1 Process all SS-5's relating to auxiliary or survivor beneficiaries using regular procedures.
2 Enter the auxiliary or survivor claim number in the CAN block on the SS-5. When discussing SSN's with a claimant, distinguish between the claim number and the person's own SSN.
3 Review the SS-5 to be sure the complete claim number is shown.
NOTE: Incomplete or omitted claim numbers, illegible entries, and misrouted SS-5's will prevent proper cross-reference, even though an SSN is located or assigned. If SSA does not have a verified SSN for the auxiliary or survivor after the claim is established on the MBR, alerts will be issued and benefits may be suspended.

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