TN 14 (04-00)

GN 02406.515 Processing Nonreceipt Reports - Foreign Involvement


1. Title II

Nonreceipt reports will be input via POS screen direct input or NIXDORF according to instructions found in MSOM 55-C , SM 00609.210. Exclusions to the nonreceipt process are listed in GN 02406.175.

2. Title XVI

Allegations of nonreceipt of SSI checks are processed through the SSI automated system. Input to the automated system, however, is limited to the servicing field offices (FO). Therefore, all allegations of nonreceipt of an SSI check must be sent to the servicing FO for processing.


If a beneficiary alleges nonreceipt of a regular payment check, input via POS for transmission to DT.


1. If notice of nonreceipt involves only an SSI check:

Forward the report of nonreceipt immediately to the FO servicing the U.S. address on the SSI check. Use wording similar to the following: “The attached report of nonreceipt of an SSI check is being forwarded to you for appropriate action.” The SSI online query system can be used to determine the servicing FO if it is not apparent in the folder.

2. RSDI and SSI involved

Process the report of nonreceipt as two separate allegations:

  1. a. 

    Photocopy the notice and forward it immediately to the servicing FO using a routing and transmittal slip (form OF-41). Advise the FO that the nonreceipt allegation related to the RSDI check is being handled by OIO. This will complete OIO action on the nonreceipt of the SSI check.

  2. b. 

    Process the original notice as a report of nonreceipt of an RSDI check in accordance with procedures shown above.

3. Request for Photocopy of an SSI Check

  1. a. 

    Forward case to servicing FO.

  2. b. 

    FO: A request for a photocopy of an SSI check is transmitted via direct input using the 719N screen (see SM 01315.220). Photocopy requests should ONLY be transmitted when the check in question is more than 13 months old or when a nonreceipt has previously been posted to the ARS (Q query) but the check photocopy has either been lost or not received.

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