GN 02610.000 Title II/Title XVI (Windfall) Offset

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 02610.005Introduction to Title II/Title XVI Windfall OffsetTN 22 04-12
GN 02610.010How to Identify Potential Windfall Offset CasesTN 22 04-12
GN 02610.014SSI Benefits Subject to Windfall OffsetTN 22 04-12
GN 02610.016When Title II/Title XVI Windfall Offset AppliesTN 22 04-12
GN 02610.018Applying Title II Offset to Concurrent CasesTN 23 05-13
GN 02610.022The Windfall Offset PeriodTN 23 05-13
GN 02610.035Computing Manual Windfall Offset AmountTN 23 05-13
GN 02610.036Recomputations of Title II OffsetTN 23 05-13
GN 02610.037How to Compute Title II Offset In Couples Cases Where Offset Was Previously Computed For One MemberTN 11 09-90
GN 02610.040How To Manually Compute Title II Offset For Both Members of An SSI Couple SimultaneouslyTN 16 09-95
GN 02610.041How To Apply OffsetTN 16 09-95
GN 02610.042Computing Noncountable Income (NCI) - OffsetTN 16 09-95
GN 02610.044Title II Offset Based on Title XVI Presumptive Disability PaymentsTN 18 10-00
GN 02610.045How To Complete SSI Offset Summary — SSA-4346-U2TN 16 09-95
GN 02610.047How To Complete Section I of Record of Manual Title II Computation — SSA-4345-U2TN 16 09-95
GN 02610.049How To Complete Sections II and III of SSA-4345-U2TN 16 09-95
GN 02610.050Complex Offset Situations with Case ExamplesTN 20 06-10
GN 02610.052How To Process Title II Offset Cases When An Attorney Fee Is Involved - Determinations Made Before July 1, 1991TN 16 09-95
GN 02610.053How To Process Title II Offset Cases When a Representative Fee Is Involved - Action to Apply Offset (Second Day Action In The PC) Taken On Or After July 1, 1991TN 16 09-95
GN 02610.055Processing Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Decisions in the Processing Center (PC) when Windfall Offset May be InvolvedTN 21 08-11
GN 02610.056Jurisdiction of Offset ComputationsTN 16 09-95