DDS Fiscal and Administrative Management

Chapter Table of Contents
DI 39501.000DDS Fiscal and Administrative Management
DI 39503.000DDS Budget Procedures
DI 39506.000DDS Financial Management
DI 39509.000DDS Records
DI 39515.000DDS Quality Assurance Cases
DI 39518.000DDS Personnel
DI 39521.000DDS Training and Staff Development
DI 39524.000DDS Travel
DI 39525.000DDS Applicant Travel
DI 39527.000DDS Office Space
DI 39530.000DDS Equipment
DI 39533.000DDS Instructions Management
DI 39536.000DDS Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Systems
DI 39539.000DDS Supplies
DI 39542.000Contracting Out DDS Functions
DI 39545.000Purchased Medical Services
DI 39548.000DDS Miscellaneous Costs
DI 39551.000DDS Mail Management
DI 39554.000DDS Audits and Administrative Reviews
DI 39557.000DDS Performance Management
DI 39563.000DDS Workload Management
DI 39569.000Program Integrity
DI 39572.000DDS Decentralization

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