BASIC (03-86)

DI 42010.065 Referral of ALJ “Protest” Cases - Title II (RSI and Disability)

Cross refer to DI 42010.220.

SSI cases will continue to be handled in accordance with Questionable SSI Hearing Decisions SI 04030.060.

A. General

These instructions apply to all processing centers (PC); i.e., all program service centers (PSC), INTPSC and ODO.

When the PC questions an ALJ or Attorney Advisor’s decision or finds that the decision is impossible to effectuate, the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) must be asked to clarify the decision. A written referral to ODAR is called a “PROTEST”.

Protest referrals must be sent to the AC in time for the AC to take on its on own motion review within 60 days of the ALJ decision, otherwise payments must be made.

DO/BO's need not question ALJ or Attorney Advisor decisions since the PC's review those decisions for errors before implementation. However, if the DO/BO feels the need to question a decision, they will send a memorandum to the appropriate PC, Attention: Reconsideration Branch for possible referral to ODAR. Diary all cases referred for 50 days from the date of the ALJ decision.

All “protest” referrals questioning an ALJ’s medical decision, or involving non-disability problems e.g., possible reopening of prior application (sent back to ODAR on a post-effectuation basis), insured status not met, work in period ruled on, should be mailed to:
Room 1400
5107 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041

Refer to DI 42010.070 and DI 42010.075 for instructions on how to prepare a case for “protest” to ODAR.

If a disability decision cannot be effectuated due to a clerical error in the ALJ or Attorney Advisor decision, follow the procedures in DI 42010.075 to telephone the Hearing Office Director in the issuing hearing office.

ODO and the PSC/INTPSC will not send copies of disability issue “protest” memoranda to Central Office.

NOTE: For case control, the ODAR office code is LF6.

B. Timely referral - no effectuation

The PC's will try to refer all “protests” of ALJ decisions to the Office of Appeals Operations in sufficient time to allow the AC to take own motion review, i.e., within 60 days of the date of the ALJ decision. As a general guideline, the AC should receive the case within 45 days of the date of the ALJ decision. Therefore, to allow 5 days mail time, do not refer claims folders after the 40th day without first starting the payments (see C. and D. below). It should be unnecessary to photocopy and hold material from the claims folder for the processing of payments. To expedite the process the PC (ODO, PSC and INTPSC) Reconsideration and Disability Review Sections should update the case control location (code 5950) and release the claims folder rather than have the mailroom do it. The PSC will place an SSA-492, (INTPSC, an SSA-385) on the face of the folder. Include the post office box number on the form so ODAR will return the folder expeditiously to the appropriate unit in the PSC/INTPSC (GN 03103.260 and GN 03103.180).

If the AC takes its own motion review, then payments will not be necessary until the AC issues a decision. If the AC does not take its own motion review, then the PC's must make payments (see D. and E. below). For all cases (disability and RSI issues) the PC's should contact the AC on FTS 8-235-8434 not later than the 50th day after the date of the ALJ decision in order to determine if its own motion review will be taken. If its own motion review is uncertain because the claims folder is not received in the AC, start search procedures. Then try to initiate payment without the claims folder. Rather than wait for the PC phone call, if on or before the 50th day the AC knows there will be delay beyond the 60 day its own motion period, the AC should call the PC. It is possible that without transferring the claims folder, the pertinent information from the claims folder necessary to initiate payment can also be given at that time, e.g., proof of death established by the ALJ, benefit amount information from wage record, etc. If not, the AC will make arrangements (get an exact P.O. Box mailing address to the Reconsideration and Disability Review Branch in the PSC, INTPSC, Division of Appeals Processing, ODO) for transferring the claims folder back to the PC for immediate effectuation of the ALJ decision. The claims folder will be sent back to the appropriate AC address in A. above after payments are started so the AC can consider whether to reopen and revise the ALJ decision.

C. Untimely referral - payments required

Those cases which cannot be forwarded to the AC within sufficient time to allow the AC to take its own motion review should still be forwarded to the AC. Before forwarding the case, payments should be started, including an