DI 43510.000 Development

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 43510.001GeneralBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.005Medical Development - Assisting the ClaimantBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.010Acceptability of Foreign Medical EvidenceBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.015Obtaining MERBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.020Consultative ExaminationsBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.025Reviewing Reports of Consultative ExaminationsBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.030Philippine Cases - Medical DevelopmentBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.045DDS Requests for CE from a Foreign SourceBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.050Cancellation of Requests to FSPBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.055DDS Assistance for Certain Canadian ClaimsBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.060Consultative Examinations for Residents of Northern MexicoBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.065Nonmedical DevelopmentBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.070Diary Control and FollowupsBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.075Payment for Medical EvidenceBASIC 03-86
DI 43510.080Continuing Disability Review (CDR) DevelopmentBASIC 03-86

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