DI 55075.000 Ticket to Work Dispute Resolution

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 55075.001Dispute Resolution Under the Ticket to Work ProgramBASIC 02-02
DI 55075.005Disputes Between Beneficiaries/Recipients and ENs That Are Not State VR AgenciesBASIC 02-02
DI 55075.010Disputes Between Beneficiaries/Recipients and State VR AgenciesBASIC 02-02
DI 55075.015Disputes Between ENs and the PM That Do Not Involve EN Payment IssuesBASIC 02-02
DI 55075.020Disputes Involving Contract Issues Between SSA and ENs or SSA and the PMBASIC 02-02
DI 55075.025Disputes Involving Payment IssuesBASIC 02-02
DI 55075.030Handling Complaints About the PMBASIC 02-02

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