HI 00820.000 Terminations and Withdrawals

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HI 00820.001Introduction - Terminations and WithdrawalsTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.005Regular Insured TerminationTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.010Termination Under the Deemed Insured ProvisionTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.015Termination of Premium-HI for the AgedTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.025Termination of Disability HI (D-HI)TN 10 11-00
HI 00820.027Termination of Premium-HI for the Working DisabledTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.030Termination of R-HITN 9 06-92
HI 00820.035Termination of SMI EntitlementTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.045Voluntary Termination of SMITN 9 06-92
HI 00820.050Effective Date of Voluntary TerminationTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.055Cancellation of Voluntary Termination RequestTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.060Voluntary Termination InterviewTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.065Tailoring Interview to the Individual SituationTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.070Field Office Handling of Requests for TerminationTN 9 06-92
HI 00820.075Processing Center Processing of Termination 
HI 00820.100Cessation of Disability 
HI 00820.105Cessation of Renal Disease (RD) 
HI 00820.110Life Terminations for Disabled or Deemed Disabled Beneficiaries 
HI 00820.115Life Terminations for Aged Auxiliary Beneficiaries 
HI 00820.120Establishing a Closed Period of Disability Entitlement 
HI 00820.125PEPPER Processing of Withdrawals 
HI 00820.130Manual Processing of Withdrawals 
HI 00820.135PEPPER Processing of Terminations and Reversals of Terminations 
HI 00820.140Reversing an Erroneous Termination 
HI 00820.901Exhibit 1: CMS-1763 (Request for Termination of Premium Hospital and/or Supplementary Medical Insurance) 
HI 00820.902EXHIBIT 2 - Form CMS—L457 (Acknowledgement of Request for Medicare Part B Termination)TN 11 03-03
HI 00820.903Exhibit 3-Form CMS-L458 (Acknowledgment of Request for Premium Hospital Insurance Termination)TN 11 03-03
HI 00820.904Exhibit 4: Notice to R-HI Beneficiary About Termination Because of Transplant 

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