HI 00825.000 Inquiries and Referrals for HI/SMI

Subchapter Table of Contents
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Inquiries and Referrals for HI/SMI
HI 00825.001HI/SMI Inquiries Received from Beneficiaries 
HI 00825.005Determining Enrollment Status 
HI 00825.015Premium Inquiries 
HI 00825.020Correspondence Pertaining to State Buy-In, Group Payers, Civil Service, or RRB 
HI 00825.055Undeliverable HI/SMI Letters and Forms 
HI 00825.060HI/SMI Notices and Forms HCFA-40B, HCFA-40D 
HI 00825.065Forms HCFA-1966, Health Insurance Card 
HI 00825.070Undeliverable SMI Premium Notice 
HI 00825.075Processing Returned SMI Refund Checks 
HI 00825.080Establishing a SMI Premium Payer for an Uninsured (T, M, J, or K) Enrollee 
HI 00825.095Form CMS-2178, HIB/SMIB Entitlement Problem — Priority 
HI 00825.100Entitlement IssueTN 7 07-09
HI 00825.105Miscellaneous Issue 
HI 00825.110Interpretation of Combined HIM and MBR Query Replies 
HI 00825.115CMS-1725 (Program Service Center Referral) 
HI 00825.120Telephone Calls 
HI 00825.125Disclosure of Information 
HI 00825.130Disposition of Completed Correspondence 
HI 00825.905Phone Call Record of Critical HI/SMI Issue — Sample 
HI 00825.906Sample MBR Reply to Combined MBR/HIM Query 
HI 00825.907Sample HIM Reply to Combined MBR/HIM Query 
HI 00825.908Form SSA-3339-U2, Interim Reply to HIB/SMIB Referrals 
HI 00825.909Transmittal Used by OCRO to Forward Earnings Statements to PSC 
HI 00825.910HCFA-1778 HIMEXC PSC Request Card 
HI 00825.912Form CMS-1725 (Program Service Center Referral) 
HI 00825.913Health Insurance Printout (HIPO) 

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