VB 01505.000 Termination Events

Subchapter Table of Contents
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VB 01505.001Termination EventsBASIC 03-01
VB 01505.005Termination of SVB After 12 Consecutive Months of Suspension (T31)BASIC 03-01
VB 01505.010Voluntary Termination (N19)BASIC 03-01
VB 01505.011Beneficiary or Legal Guardian Requests Voluntary Termination of SVBBASIC 03-01
VB 01505.012Representative Payee Who Is Not Legal Guardian Requests Voluntary TerminationBASIC 03-01
VB 01505.013Reinstating SVB Entitlement After Voluntary Termination EffectuatedBASIC 03-01
VB 01505.015Death of a Beneficiary (T01)BASIC 03-01
VB 01505.020Reinstatement of SVB After Erroneous Death TerminationBASIC 03-01
VB 01505.100Notice For Voluntary Terminations of SVB EntitlementBASIC 03-01

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