GN 01742.000 OIO and FSP Processing Under the Agreement with Korea

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Developing Claims Under the Agreement with Korea
GN 01742.005How the Totalization Module Reviews ClaimsBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.010How to Develop and Process Applications Filed in the Veterans Administration Regional Office (VARO) in ManilaBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.012How VARO Processes and Develops Claims Filed With the Korean AgencyBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.025Korean Liaison AgencyBASIC 07-01
Korean Coverage
GN 01742.105Korean Coverage CertificationBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.106How to Evaluate Korean Coverage CertificationsBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.110How to Credit Korean CoverageBASIC 07-01
Liaison with Korea
GN 01742.205Preparing Claims Packages in OIO for Claims Filed Outside KoreaBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.210Preparing Claims Packages in OIO for Claims Filed in KoreaBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.220Completing the U.S./Korea Agreement on Social Security Transmittal/Request/Certification Form (SSA-2960-KOR)BASIC 07-01
GN 01742.230Controlling Requests Sent to the NPC on Form SSA-2960-KORBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.235Facts About the Korean Liaison Form KOR-USA 2BASIC 07-01
Special Instructions Under the Korean Agreement
GN 01742.305Life to Death Conversions - Korea AgreementBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.310Korean Agency Requests for Medical ExaminationsBASIC 07-01
GN 01742.315Facts About the Korean National Pension NumberBASIC 07-01

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