GN 02401.000 Checks - General Information

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 02401.001General Information on Title II ChecksTN 26 10-16
GN 02401.005Field Office Check InterceptTN 26 10-16
GN 02401.025Combining Two or More Payments to an Individual from the Same Trust FundTN 24 03-11
GN 02401.030Combining or Separating Payments from Two Different Trust FundsTN 24 03-11
GN 02401.035Supplemental Security Income ChecksTN 29 02-17
GN 02401.045Alternative Mailing Addresses for Receiving Paper ChecksTN 29 02-17
GN 02401.050Use of Field Office (FO) Address when a Title II or Title XVI Claimant does not have a Permanent Mailing AddressTN 34 04-18
GN 02401.055Policies on Miscellaneous Check SituationsTN 31 03-17
GN 02401.065Checks Issued to Beneficiaries Residing in Foreign CountriesTN 27 10-16
GN 02401.075Intercepting Checks Issued in Erroneous Amounts to Foreign AddressesTN 27 10-16
GN 02401.080Use of United States Address by Beneficiary AbroadTN 28 01-17
GN 02401.901Limited Payability Policy for Title II and Title XVITN 28 01-17
GN 02401.902Nonreceipt Alleged Timely and Check in Limited Payability StatusTN 25 04-14
GN 02401.903Allegations of Nonreceipt Not Filed TimelyTN 25 04-14
GN 02401.904Field Office Processing of Limited Payability (LP) Alerts for Title XVI CasesTN 25 04-14
GN 02401.905Beneficiary or Recipient Contacts SSA Concerning a Limited Payability NoticeTN 25 04-14
GN 02401.908Description of Forms or Letters Used or Reviewed By the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) Questioned Documents Branch (QDB)TN 35 06-18
GN 02401.910Handwriting Analysis and Checks Older than 12 MonthsTN 35 06-18
GN 02401.911Preparing the Handwriting Analysis Package for Treasury’s Questioned Documents Branch (QDB) ReviewTN 35 06-18
GN 02401.912Forwarding the Handwriting Analysis Package to the Questioned Documents Branch (QDB) for ReviewTN 35 06-18
GN 02401.913Social Security Administration Review of the Handwriting Analysis Letter (HAL) from Treasury’s Questioned Documents Branch (QDB)TN 35 06-18
GN 02401.915Beneficiary or Recipient’s Right to Review Limited Payability DecisionTN 25 04-14
GN 02401.917Title II and Title XVI Policy on Limited Payability (LP) Death CasesTN 25 04-14
GN 02401.918Notices Sent to Beneficiaries and Recipients When We Issue Incorrect Payments after DeathTN 30 02-17

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