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GN 02405.100 How to Process Unendorsed Title XVI Returned Benefit Checks and Unendorsed Claimant Representative Attorney Fee Checks Received in the Field Office

A. Background for Unendorsed Title XVI Benefit Checks

Unendorsed Title XVI check(s) returned to the field office (FO), because of a change in entitlement, are not remittances. Enter these returned check(s) into the mailroom or reception area log per GN 02403.004D and then enter into the Debt Management System (DMS) per GN 02403.007, so they appear on that day's Field Office Daily Receipt Listing (FODRL) per GN 02403.021.

Returned SSI checks paid under Title VIII and returned claimant representative/attorney fee checks are included in the following procedures. Title XVI claimant representative/attorney fee checks issued by Treasury have a Payment Identification Code (PIC) of RA-RZ.

  • Follow procedures for returned benefit checks more than one year old in GN 02405.300.

  • Process returned, smudged, or mutilated checks by following instructions in GN 02406.230.

B. Interviewer Procedure

Process returned Title XVI benefit checks in accordance with the table below:




Access the Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) or Treasury Check Verification Query (TCVQ) screen to determine the claim number of the beneficiary.

See instructions on how to access the TCVQ screen MS 05203.022.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT write the SSN on the check.


Determine why the check was returned. If necessary, contact the remitter, the person who sent the check, to determine the reason for the check return.

  • If yes, the check was returned for a valid reason (See Exhibit E below), go to step 3.

  • If no, the check was returned in error, or you cannot determine the reason for the return, contact the remitter, to determine the return reason. If the remitter does not respond, contact the recipient or their representative payee. If the check was returned in error, mail it to the recipient or the representative payee. If you are able to determine the reason the check was returned, go to step 3

REMINDER: Do not process payments mailed to the FO for delivery to the recipient per GN 02401.050, or

Redirected checks sent to the FO in representative payee non-responder situations, per GN 00605.085

as returned checks or refunds.


Immediately stamp the check “NOT NEGOTIABLE” below the address on the check, if not yet stamped by mailroom personnel.

REMINDER: Do not write or stamp below the solid line, which extends the full length of the check. Doing so causes problems with Treasury's optical scanning equipment.


Determine if the returned check represents an emergency advanced payment (EAP) or a Treasury-issued immediate payment (IP) check, see RS 02801.010.

  • If yes, go to step 5.

  • If no, go to step 6.

NOTE: If the returned IP is a Third-Party Draft issued from the FO, follow instructions in GN 02403.016.


Annotate the check (in red) “SSI ADVANCE PAYMENT” or “IMMEDIATE PAYMENT,” followed by the FO code in the upper left corner of the check.

Go to step 7. (The Office of Finance does not need the reason for the return.)


Code the reason for the return (see Exhibit GN 02405.100F) and the date of the event that caused the beneficiary not to be entitled to the payment, if appropriate.

Write the date in (MM/YY) format on the lower left portion of the check to the right of the Statue of Liberty imprint and above the solid line that extends the full length of the check.


Recording the check:

  • Enter the check information into DMS, per MSOM DMS 003.006 and MSOM DMS 003.007

  • Write the automated receipt number in the blank space below the check number and above the money amount.

NOTE: Do not enter the attorney PIC in DMS.

REMINDER: Prepare an SSA-1395-BK manual receipt when DMS is not accessible.


MSOM DMS 001.001 and MSOM DMS 003.001 for DMS input coding.

MSOM DMS 003.006 and MSOM DMS 003.007 for instructions on generating an automated receipt.


Give the remitter the remittance receipt produced by DMS.


Access the Payment Menu and update the payment history, per MSOM BUSSR 003.004.


Hand carry the coded check to the remittance clerk for safekeeping.

C. Remittance Clerk Procedure

The remittance clerk must follow the below procedures when processing unendorsed returned benefit checks:




Request the FODRL at the end of the business dayy.


MSOM DMS 004.006 and MSOM DMS 004.009 for how to obtain an FODRL.


Associate the returned check(s) with the other refunds contained on the FODRL.


Ensure that the FODRL agrees with the attached returned checks and other refunds.


Sign the FODRL on the remittance clerk line, and hand carry all documents to the remittance supervisor.

D. Remittance Supervisor Procedure

The remittance supervisor must follow the below procedures when processing unendorsed returned benefit checks:




Review the FODRL against the mailroom and reception area logs completed that day. Ensure that all unendorsed returned benefit checks logged in that day have been stamped either:




Resolve any differences between the checks listed on the FODRL, reception area logs, and actual checks received. See

GN 02403.004

GN 02403.006

GN 02403.021

GN 02403.065


Sign the FODRL on the remittance supervisor line.


Mail at the end of each work day all returned title XVI checks as follows:

Title XVI Checks (except EAP & IP Checks):

Department of the Treasury

Bureau of the Fiscal Service

National Payment Integrity & Resolution Center P.O. Box 51318

Philadelphia, PA 19115-6318

Title XVI EAP and IP Checks:

Social Security Administration

Office of Finance

P.O. Box 47

Baltimore, Maryland 21235

NOTE: Do not mail the FODRL with the Title XVI unendorsed Treasury check(s). Sign and file the listing. Retain the FODRL and destroy the form after one year.


Prepare an SSA-1395-BK receipt when issuing receipts out-of-office or during periods of emergency or when DMS is not accessible.

  • GN 02403.130 for instructions on completing the SSA-1395-BK receipt.

  • GN 02403.008 for instructions on how to process a refund received outside the Field Office.

E. Exhibit - Title XVI returned check codes

Return Check Code



Change of Address (may also involve change of living arrangement)


Change of Payee


Smudged, mutilated but still legible


Death of Representative Payee


Death of Recipient


Change in Income and / or Resources


Change in Living Arrangement Only


Change in Marital Status




Student Termination



F. References

  • SM 01315.010 Returned Checks

  • SM 01315.015 How to Return a Check to the Department of the Treasury

  • SM 01325.040 Systems Input When an SSI EAP/IP Third Party Draft Check Is Lost or Returned

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