DI 11005.000 Disability Interviews

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DI 11005.001Field Office Disability InterviewsTN 30 03-12
DI 11005.003Field Office (FO) Instructions for Identifying Claims, Applicable Terms, and Scheduling Appointments for Military Casualty (MC)/Wounded Warrior (WW) CasesTN 36 08-12
DI 11005.004Identifying and Flagging Homeless CasesTN 33 07-12
DI 11005.006Field Office (FO) Instructions for Claims Development and Processing for Military Casualty (MC)/Wounded Warrior (WW) CasesTN 36 08-12
DI 11005.007Field Office (FO) Instructions for Identifying Claims, Applicable Terms, and Scheduling Appointments for Claimants with a Veterans Affairs 100 Percent Permanent and Total (VAPT) Disability Compensation RatingTN 52 06-18
DI 11005.012Field Office (FO) Instructions for Claims Development and Processing for Veterans Affairs 100 Percent Permanent and Total (VAPT) Disability Compensation Rating CasesTN 52 06-18
DI 11005.016Forms Used in Title II & Title XVI Disability ClaimsTN 50 07-17
DI 11005.018The Disability Interview ProcessTN 11 06-04
DI 11005.020Curtailing Completion of the SSA-3368 (Disability Report-Adult) or the SSA-3820 (Disability Report - Child) FormsTN 26 03-11
DI 11005.022Completing and/or Reviewing Interview FormsBASIC 09-00
DI 11005.023Completing the Disability Report Adult Form SSA-3368TN 25 03-10
DI 11005.024The Internet Adult Disability Report (i3368)TN 44 01-14
DI 11005.025Completing the SSA-3369TN 11 06-04
DI 11005.026Completing the SSA-3373-BK (Function Report – Adult)TN 11 06-04
DI 11005.030Completing the SSA-3820BASIC 09-00
DI 11005.035Forms SSA-3375-BK through SSA-3379-BK (Function Report-Child)BASIC 09-00
DI 11005.037Applicant Forms Needed in Concurrent ClaimsBASIC 09-00
DI 11005.040Review of SSA-3368, SSA-3820, and SSA-3369TN 9 02-04
DI 11005.045Completing the SSA-3367 (Disability Report – Field Office)TN 51 12-17
DI 11005.050Prescribed Period and Controlling DateTN 10 05-04
DI 11005.055Completing Form SSA-827 (Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration (SSA))TN 46 10-14
DI 11005.056Signature Requirements for Form SSA-827TN 46 10-14
DI 11005.057Field Office Instructions for Obtaining Form SSA-827TN 46 10-14
DI 11005.060Special Documentation Requirements - Medical Sources of National SignificanceTN 14 12-04
DI 11005.065Curtailing Potential Onset Date DevelopmentTN 47 10-15
DI 11005.070Field Office Title II and Title XVI Disability Claims for Blindness and Visual Impairment AllegationsTN 43 12-13
DI 11005.071Title II Statutory Blindness Insured Status and Freeze DevelopmentTN 43 12-13
DI 11005.072Field Office Disability Claims Process of Statutory Blind AllowancesTN 43 12-13
DI 11005.075Difficult Interviewing SituationsBASIC 09-00
DI 11005.076Interviewing People with a Mental Impairment(s)TN 37 09-12
DI 11005.080Field Offices (FOs) Handling Potential Suicidal or Homicidal ThreatsTN 41 06-13
DI 11005.085Prior Claims ActivityTN 8 11-03
DI 11005.151SSA-3368-BK, Disability Report - Adult -- ExhibitBASIC 09-00
DI 11005.152SSA-3820-BK, Disability Report Child -- ExhibitBASIC 09-00
DI 11005.153SSA-3369-BK, Work History Report -- ExhibitBASIC 09-00
DI 11005.601The Disability Interview-- Identifying Terminal Illness (TERI) CasesTN 20 01-08
DI 11005.603Processing Quick Disability Determinations (QDD) Cases - Field Office (FO) InstructionsTN 18 09-07
DI 11005.604Processing Compassionate Allowances (CAL) in the Field Office (FO)TN 38 11-12
DI 11005.605Completing the SSA-3368-BK, SSA-3369-BK, SSA-3373-BK, or SSA-3820-BKTN 11 06-04
DI BOS11005.025Completing The SSA-3368-BK When The Claimant Has Had Medical Treatment In Puerto Rico 
DI BOS11005.030Completing the SSA-3820-F6 When the Child Has Had Medical Treatment in Puerto Rico 
DI PHI11005.015Holman Notice - Pennsylvania Residents 
DI SF11005.085Prior Claims Activity (TN 81 — 06/2011) 

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