DI 40525.000 Other Processing Issues

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 40525.001Failure to Cooperate (FTC) and Whereabouts Unknown (WU) CasesTN 2 01-07
DI 40525.005Processing S-0 AlertsTN 1 10-02
DI 40525.010Processing Conversion Cases—Reduced Retirement Benefits (RIB) to Reduced Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)TN 1 10-02
DI 40525.015DIB Withdrawn Before Adjudication—Freeze Previously AllowedTN 1 10-02
DI 40525.020Initially Obtaining the CPD Medical FolderBASIC 01-01
DI 40525.030Overview of the CDR Selection and Release ProcessBASIC 01-01
DI 40525.050Interaction in Recall of the Title II and Title II Portion of Concurrent TII/TXVI CDR Folder/Medical EvidenceBASIC 01-01
DI 40525.060Step One - Title II Folder Recall – Initial Pull Period - First 90 Days in OperationsBASIC 01-01
DI 40525.070Step Two - OCO/PSC - Special Search - Next 120 Days in OperationsBASIC 01-01
DI 40525.075Step Three - Preparing Duplicate Folder for CDR Lost Folder/Medical EvidenceBASIC 01-01
DI 40525.085File is Not Where the System Indicates It IsBASIC 01-01
DI 40525.095ExhibitsTN 1 10-02
DI 40525.100Processing Center Action Control System (PCACS) CoordinationBASIC 01-01
DI 40525.125Exhibit of SSA-5002 Folder DocumentationBASIC 01-01
DI 40525.150Exhibit of OCO/PSC Flag for Title II Folder(s)BASIC 01-01

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