DI 43525.000 Other Processing Issues

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DI 43525.001Initial Claim - Work Issue Recognized Prior to Forwarding to the ExaminerBASIC 03-86
DI 43525.005Initial Claim - Work Issue Discovered by Disability ExaminerBASIC 03-86
DI 43525.010Initial Claim - SGA DenialsBASIC 03-86
DI 43525.015Initial Claim - Work is Not SGABASIC 03-86
DI 43525.020Questionable Technical DenialsBASIC 03-86
DI 43525.030Continuing Disability - CDR EnforcementsBASIC 03-86
DI 43525.035Failure to Cooperate-CDRBASIC 03-86
DI 43525.040Whereabouts Unknown-CDRBASIC 03-86
DI 43525.045Beneficiary Wishes to Return Checks or Requests Suspension of BenefitsBASIC 03-86
DI 43525.050Request for Reconsideration - Disability Cessation--Disabled Individual Resides in a Foreign CountryBASIC 03-86
DI DEN43525.015Processing CDRS 

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