DI 55002.000 Ticket Eligibility

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 55002.001Overview of Ticket EligibilityTN 1 10-02
DI 55002.005Who Is Eligible For A Ticket?BASIC 02-02
DI 55002.010Other Policies About Ticket EligibilityTN 1 10-02
DI 55002.015Ticket Selections and MailingsBASIC 02-02
DI 55002.016Ticket Selections and Mailings in Phase 2 Locations ProcessTN 1 10-02
DI 55002.020Ticket Mailer PackagesTN 1 10-02
DI 55002.025Four Ticket QueriesTN 1 10-02
DI 55002.030Handling Non-Receipt, Lost Ticket, and Ticket Non-Selection QuestionsTN 1 10-02
DI 55002.035Determining Why The System Did Not Select A Beneficiary/Recipient for A TicketBASIC 02-02
DI 55002.040What to Do When Unable to Determine Why A Beneficiary/Recipient is Not Ticket-EligibleBASIC 02-02
DI 55002.045Inputting A Correction or UpdateTN 1 10-02
DI 55002.050When an Individual Wants an Explanation of Why of Why He/She is Not Ticket-EligibleBASIC 02-02
DI 55002.055Policies Related to Ticket TerminationsTN 1 10-02
DI 55002.060Add or Terminate Ticket ProcessTN 1 10-02

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