BASIC (03-11)

VB 01701.025 Suspension, Benefit Adjustment, and Termination Events

A. Introduction

The beneficiary’s responses on the SSA-2010-F6 (Statement for Determining Continuing Entitlement for Special Veterans Benefits (SVB)) may result in an adverse adjustment to a beneficiary’s SVB payment, such as a suspension, benefit reduction, or termination.

B. Policy for events that cause suspension or a benefit reduction of SVB payment

The following is a list of events that cause suspensions or benefit reductions. Refer to SVB – Suspensions, Stop Payments, and Benefit Reductions Table of Contents VB 01503.000.

1. Cessation of residency outside the United States (loss of foreign residence)

Refer to:

  • VB 01503.100 – Cessation of Residence Outside the United States (Loss of Foreign Residence)

  • VB 01503.110 – Beneficiary Reports Going To (Or Is In) the United States

  • VB 01503.115 – Beneficiary is Not Relinquishing Foreign Residence or U.S. Visit Not Expected to Exceed 1 Full Calendar Month

  • VB 01503.117 – Beneficiary's Return Abroad

  • VB 01503.120 – Beneficiary is Relinquishing Foreign Residence or Expects U.S. Visit to Exceed 1 Full Calendar Month

2. Failure to provide information

Refer to:

3. Whereabouts unknown

Refer to:

4. Check returned for miscellaneous reasons

Refer to:

VB 01503.400 – Check Returned For Miscellaneous Reasons (S07)

5. A disqualification event occurs

A beneficiary cannot be qualified for any month that an individual has been removed or deported from the United States, is a fleeing felon, or lives in a barred country.

Refer to:

  • VB 01503.500 – Suspensions Due To Disqualification Events

  • VB 01503.510 – Removal (Deportation) From the United States (N13)

  • VB 01503.520 – Verification of Removal (Deportation) – Beneficiary outside the United States

  • VB 01503.550 – Fugitive Felons or Parole/Probation Violators (N25)

  • VB 01503.600 – Payments to SVB Beneficiaries in a Treasury-Barred or SSA-Restricted Country

  • VB 01503.605 – Change of Address to a Treasury-Barred or SSA-Restricted Country

  • VB 01503.615 – Benefits Withheld While In a Treasury-Barred Country (U.S. Citizens and Nationals Only)

6. Other benefit income precludes SVB

Refer to:

7. 2009 Act exception