Chief Judge Bulletins

Instruction IDEffective DateTitle
CJB 23-0307/19/2023Signature for Congressional Interest Letters
CJB 23-0105/12/2023Hearing Appearances by Telephone and Online Video
CJB 23-0205/12/2023Processing Failure to Appear and Untimely Filed Hearing Request Dismissals
CJB 23-0001/18/2023Guidance for Manually Editing Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) Findings in Unfavorable Adult and Child Decision Templates
CJB 22-0112/13/2021Changes to Guidance Concerning Evaluation of Medical Evidence in Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR)
CJB 16-0407/21/2016Placement of Expert Resumes in the Claim(s) File
CJB 12-0106/29/2012New Procedures for Hearing Office Transcription Requests
CJB 11-0408/17/2011Representative Video Project (RVP)
CJB 09-0305/26/2009Prohibition on Use of “Generic” Vocational Expert Interrogatories by Administrative Notice
CJB 08-04 REV11/07/2008Avoiding Legal Errors Based on Outdated Non-Disability Regulations
CJB 07-0809/26/2007Securing Paper Claim Folders and Hearing CDs for Travel Dockets