POMS Recent Changes

Instruction IDEffective DateTitle
GN 02250 TN 5605/20/2024Waiver Provisions for Title II and Title XVIII Overpayments
SI 02260 TN 4705/20/2024Waiver Provisions for SSI Overpayments
GN 03980 TN 205/17/2024Conflict of Interest
GN 02408 TN 7805/15/2024Stop Payments and Reclamations
GN 02405 TN 1505/15/2024Processing Unendorsed Returned Benefit Checks - Title II and Title XVI
DI 39506 TN 4605/14/2024DDS Financial Management
SL 30001 TN 2205/10/2024Coverage Under Section 218 Agreements
GN 05002 TN 2005/09/2024The Social Security Benefit Statement
DI 28030 TN 4505/08/2024General Development of CDR Cases
SI 01120 TN 8305/06/2024Identifying Resources
RM 10210 TN 4805/06/2024SSN Evidence Requirements
GN 02402 TN 26905/03/2024Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
NL 00722 TN 1305/02/2024Other Computer Generated Notices
GN 02215 TN 5605/01/2024Methods of Recovery for Title II, Title XVI, and Title XVIII Overpayments - Part II
DI 39503 TN 805/01/2024DDS Budget Procedures
DI 39557 BASIC04/29/2024DDS Performance Management
DI 39506 TN 4504/26/2024DDS Financial Management
GN 02402 TN 26704/25/2024Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
GN 02402 TN 26804/25/2024Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
DI 27516 TN 1804/25/2024Refilings for the Same Period (Res Judicata Cases)
GN 00301 TN 11404/23/2024General Evidentiary Standards
HI 03001 TN 2604/22/2024Description of the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Program
DI 39518 TN 204/19/2024DDS Personnel
RM 10205 TN 9304/18/2024Social Security Number (SSN) Applications
DI 28075 TN 2104/18/2024Special CDR Issues
HI 03035 TN 3804/12/2024Verification Process and Pre-Decisional Issues
HI 03030 TN 2004/12/2024Resources
HI 03020 TN 3504/12/2024Income
HI 03001 TN 2504/09/2024Description of the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Program
GN 02402 TN 26504/04/2024Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
DI 23020 TN 1604/03/2024Priority Cases
DI 22510 TN 4003/28/2024Development of Consultative Examinations (CE)
DI 22510 TN 3903/28/2024Development of Consultative Examinations (CE)