POMS Recent Changes

Instruction IDEffective DateTitle
RS 00203 TN 3009/21/2021Childs Benefits
GN 02402 TN 19909/20/2021Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
GN 00502 TN 6109/17/2021Determining the Need for, Developing and Selecting a Representative Payee
SI 00870 TN 3009/17/2021Plan to Achieve Self-Support
DI 28080 TN 409/15/2021Due Process
RS 01901 TN 5009/14/2021Coverage and Exceptions
DI 26510 TN 2409/14/2021Completion of Form SSA-831-C3/U3 -- Title II, Title XVI and Concurrent Claims
RM 10211 TN 3609/10/2021Alien Evidence for an SSN
DI 81020 TN 2409/10/2021DDS Procedures - Electronic Process
GN 02403 TN 4109/09/2021Procedures for Handling Remittances and Premium Payments in the Field Office
HI 01001 TN 4209/09/2021Supplementary Medical Insurance
GN 00203 TN 5509/07/2021Interviewing
DI 22505 TN 3309/02/2021Development of Medical Evidence of Record (MER)
GN 02602 TN 8208/31/2021Continuing Eligibility
DI 24535 TN 608/30/2021Evaluation of Specific Issues - Special Senses and Speech
DI 23022 TN 4708/27/2021Processing Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Compassionate Allowances (CAL) in the Disability Determination Services (DDS)
GN 03930 TN 2208/27/2021Fee Authorization Under the Fee Petition Process
GN 02250 TN 3508/26/2021Waiver Provisions for Title II and Title XVIII Overpayments
GN 02402 TN 19708/25/2021Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
DI 28095 TN 308/25/2021CDR Notice Instructions
DI 24503 TN 508/25/2021Evaluating Evidence
SI 02306 TN 408/24/2021Miscellaneous Posteligibility Issues
GN 01010 TN 3608/20/2021Adjudicative Policy and Standards
DI 52120 TN 4708/19/2021State Specific Workers Compensation (WC) Procedures
NL 10608 TN 108/19/2021Standards for Specific Parts of a Notice
NL 00601 TN 1508/18/2021Notification Policy and Procedures
SI 02201 TN 1008/18/2021Supplemental Security Income Overpayments - Overview
RM 10205 TN 5608/17/2021Social Security Number (SSN) Applications
RM 10205 TN 5708/17/2021Social Security Number (SSN) Applications
GN 01070 TN 3308/17/2021Intercomponent Communications
GN 00304 TN 2208/17/2021Proof of Death
GN 00203 TN 5408/16/2021Interviewing
RM 10205 TN 5508/13/2021Social Security Number (SSN) Applications
DI 81007 TN 608/12/2021IDR Intake and Processing
DI 23022 TN 4508/11/2021Processing Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Compassionate Allowance (CAL) in the Disability Determination Services (DDS)
DI 23022 TN 4608/11/2021Processing Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Compassionate Allowance (CAL) in the Disability Determination Services (DDS)
DI 25230 TN 308/11/2021Childhood Disability Evaluation Form (SSA-538)
GN 03970 TN 1808/05/2021Suspension or Disqualification of Representatives
DI 71001 TN 208/03/2021Processing Title II Disability Claims Filed in the United States by Canadian Residents
GN 02220 TN 1907/30/2021Online Bill Pay for Programmatic Overpayments
GN 02220 TN 2007/30/2021How to Handle Online Bill Pay Inquiries
GN 00204 TN 9907/30/2021Applications
RS 00205 TN 2307/30/2021Student Benefits
DI 13010 TN 4807/30/2021Work Activity
GN 02215 TN 3607/29/2021Methods of Recovery for Title II, Title XVI, and Title XVIII Overpayments - Part II
GN 02410 TN 5607/29/2021Assignment, Levy, Garnishment
DI 31001 TN 1407/29/2021Representation of Claimants
RS 00202 TN 2507/28/2021Spouses Benefits
RS 00203 TN 2907/28/2021Childs Benefits
GN 03102 TN 807/26/2021Reconsideration (Title II and Entitlement Under Title XVIII)
GN 02210 TN 6107/26/2021Methods of Recovery for Title II, Title VIII, Title XVI, and Title XVIII Overpayments - Part I
RS 00203 TN 2807/26/2021Childs Benefits