POMS Recent Changes

Instruction IDEffective DateTitle
NL 00720 TN 3006/01/2023Manual Adjustment, Credit and Award Process (MADCAP) Beneficiary Notice Print Program
RM 10210 TN 3705/31/2023SSN Evidence Requirements
GN 02602 TN 9905/30/2023Continuing Eligibility
GN 02605 TN 4205/26/2023Processing Change of Address
RS 02001 TN 5505/25/2023International Agreements
DI 28065 TN 105/25/2023Cases Involving Individuals Convicted of a Felony
GN 02402 TN 23505/23/2023Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
DI 34232 TN 305/18/2023Obsolete Mental Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 03/26/17
GN 03905 TN 1105/16/2023Forms, Exhibits and Notices for Representatives
SI 00830 TN 17405/15/2023Unearned Income
GN 02610 TN 3205/15/2023GN 02610.053 - Title II/Title XVI (Windfall) Offset
RM 10211 TN 4205/12/2023Alien Evidence for an SSN
DI 39521 TN 1805/11/2023DDS Training and Staff Development
DI 39563 TN 305/11/2023DDS Workload Management
SI 00820 TN 8505/10/2023Earned Income
SI 01130 TN 9705/09/2023Resources Exclusions
SI 02220 TN 8905/05/2023Recovery Procedures for Supplemental Security Income Overpayments
PR 05605 TN 6205/04/2023State Law Requirements
RS 02001 TN 5204/27/2023International Agreements
DI 12027 TN 604/26/2023Statutory Benefit Continuation (SBC)
SI 02006 TN 1704/26/2023Windfall Offset and Effect on Title XVI Payments
DI 60005 BASIC04/19/2023Guaranteed Income Financial Treatment Trial
GN 02403 TN 4904/17/2023Procedures for Handling Remittances and Premium Payments in the Field Office
HI 00801 TN 6204/17/2023Hospital Insurance Entitlement
PR 01105 TN 6604/17/2023General
SI 00870 TN 3704/13/2023Plans to Achieve Self-Support for Blind or Disabled People
SI 00870 TN 3804/13/2023Plans to Achieve Self-Support for Blind or Disabled People
NL 00703 TN 9504/13/2023Exhibit and Dictated Letters
GN 01727 TN 604/12/2023Agreement with Portugal
GN 01731 TN 204/12/2023Agreement With Finland
DI 11010 TN 7804/11/2023Disability Claim or Appeal Filed Under a New Social Security Number (SSN)
GN 02402 TN 23304/05/2023Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
DI 28010 TN 804/05/2023Medical Improvement and Related Medical Issues