POMS Recent Changes

Instruction IDEffective DateTitle
DI 24580 TN 1106/11/2021Evaluation of Specific Issues - Neurological Disorders
GN 02402 TN 19406/07/2021Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
RS 00605 TN 8006/07/2021Initial Computation of the PIA - Recomputations and Recalculations
SI 02305 TN 7706/04/2021Redeterminations of Eligibility and/or Payment Amount
SI 02310 TN 6106/04/2021SSI Interfaces
SI 02220 TN 6906/03/2021Recovery Procedures for Supplemental Security Income Overpayments
DI 39506 TN 3606/02/2021DDS Financial Management
DI 39506 TN 3706/02/2021DDS Financial Management
GN 00603 TN 1006/02/2021Conservation of Benefits
HI 01120 TN 1206/02/2021New Initial Determinations Using Beneficiary Information
DI 30007 TN 1406/01/2021Request for Program Consultation (RPC)
GN 02402 TN 19306/01/2021Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
DI 28095 TN 206/01/2021CDR Notice Instructions
DI 10105 TN 706/01/2021Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) and Freeze
GN 00301 TN 5705/28/2021General Evidentiary Standards
DI 27515 TN 405/28/2021Collateral Estoppel
HI 00815 TN 3305/27/2021State Enrollment of Eligible Individuals
DI 81020 TN 2205/26/2021DDS Procedures - Electronic Process
DI 27015 TN 605/24/2021Reconsideration - Completion of Form SSA-831-U3
DI 22505 TN 3205/24/2021Development of Medical Evidence of Record (MER)
DI 12027 TN 405/21/2021Statutory Benefit Continuation (SBC)
DI 25501 TN 3005/21/2021Onset
GN 02402 TN 19205/20/2021Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
DI 81020 TN 2105/20/2021DDS Procedures - Electronic Process
DI 23060 TN 205/20/2021Evidence from Excluded Medical Sources of Evidence
RS 01505 TN 3205/20/2021Program Administration
RS 01505 TN 3305/20/2021Program Administration
RS 01505 TN 3605/20/2021Program Administration
RS 01505 TN 3505/20/2021Program Administration
DI 60099 TN 805/19/2021Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND)
RS 01505 TN 2905/19/2021Program Administration
RS 01505 TN 3005/19/2021Program Administration
RS 01505 TN 3405/19/2021Program Administration
RS 01505 TN 3705/19/2021Program Administration
GN 02608 TN 3705/18/2021Government Pension Offset
RS 00605 TN 7905/18/2021Initial Computation of the PIA - Recomputations and Recalculations
DI 31001 TN 1205/18/2021Representation of Claimants
DI 10135 TN 205/17/2021Deemed Medicare Benefits
DI 25501 TN 2905/17/2021Onset
GN 00308 TN 5805/14/2021Sources and Fees for State and Local Vital Statistics Records
GN 01705 TN 805/13/2021Agreement With Italy
GN 02315 TN 2005/12/2021Small Estate Statutes
DI 32010 TN 305/12/2021Continuing Disability Review Case Routing
GN 02408 TN 5305/11/2021Stop Payments and Reclamations
GN 02210 TN 6005/11/2021Methods of Recovery for Title II, Title VIII, Title XVI, and Title XVIII Overpayments - Part I
RM 03809 TN 405/11/2021Scouting - Adjusting Earnings
RM 03846 TN BASIC05/11/2021Processing Self-Employment Earnings Discrepancy Cases
DI 45605 TN 105/11/2021ALS -- Medicare Waiting Period Waived -- PSC Procedures
DI 11036 TN 105/11/2021Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - Medicare Waiting Period Waived - FO
RS 00203 TN 2305/10/2021Childs Benefits
DI 52135 TN 1205/10/2021State Specific Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Procedures
DI 32010 TN 205/10/2021Continuing Disability Review Case Routing
RS 02001 TN 4605/10/2021International Agreements
GN 02410 TN 5305/07/2021Assignment, Levy, Garnishment
RS 01505 TN 3805/07/2021Program Administration
SI 02220 TN 6805/06/2021Recovery Procedures for Supplemental Security Income Overpayments
SI 02201 TN 705/06/2021Supplemental Security Income Overpayments - Overview
GN 02402 TN 19105/06/2021Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
SI 02260 TN 3305/06/2021Waiver Provisions for SSI Overpayments
SI 02260 TN 3205/06/2021Waiver Provisions for SSI Overpayments
HI 00805 TN 4205/06/2021Supplementary Medical Insurance Entitlement
HI 00805 TN 4105/06/2021Supplementary Medical Insurance Entitlement
GN 02406 TN 8805/05/2021Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI
DI 31001 TN 1105/05/2021Representation of Claimants
DI 23505 TN 305/05/2021Title II Child Cases
DI 81020 TN 2005/05/2021DDS Procedures - Electronic Process
DI 25501 TN 2805/05/2021Onset
SI 02220 TN 6705/05/2021Recovery Procedures for Supplemental Security Income Overpayments
GN 02402 TN 19005/05/2021Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
HI 00801 TN 4405/05/2021Hospital Insurance Entitlement
DI 52115 TN 405/04/2021Federal Workers Compensation (WC) Payments
RM 03809 TN 304/30/2021Scouting - Adjusting Earnings
DI 22515 TN 804/30/2021Vocational Evidence
GN 02408 TN 5104/29/2021Stop Payments and Reclamations
GN 02408 TN 5204/29/2021Stop Payments and Reclamations
GN 02406 TN 8704/29/2021Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI
GN 01010 TN 3404/29/2021Adjudicative Policy and Standards
RS 01403 TN 2304/29/2021Wage Evidence
DI 24510 TN 5804/29/2021Residual Functional Capacity (RFC)
GN 03312 TN 504/28/2021Disclosure for Law Enforcement Purposes
DI 25015 TN 1504/28/2021Ability to Perform Other Work
GN 03940 TN 3804/26/2021Fee Authorization Under the Fee Agreement Process
DI 33025 TN 1404/26/2021Procedures for Special Cases and Handling
GN 02408 TN 5004/23/2021Stop Payments and Reclamations
GN 00301 TN 5604/23/2021General Evidentiary Standards
DI 23007 TN 404/23/2021Failure to Cooperate
SI 02260 TN 3104/23/2021Waiver Provisions for SSI Overpayments
SI 02305 TN 7604/23/2021Redeterminations of Eligibility and/or Payment Amount
GN 01729 TN 704/23/2021Agreement With Austria
DI 23510 TN 904/23/2021Death Cases
GN 02406 TN 8904/23/2021Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI
NL 03001 TN 204/23/2021Limited Payability Notices
GN 02408 TN 5404/23/2021Stop Payments and Reclamations
DI 81020 TN 1904/22/2021DDS Procedures - Electronic Process
DI 23580 TN 204/22/2021Amyotrophic Laterial Sclerosis (ALS) Cases - Medicare Waiting Period Waived - DDS
GN 02605 TN 3804/21/2021Processing Change of Address
GN 02408 TN 4904/20/2021Stop Payments and Reclamations
GN 02406 TN 8504/20/2021Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI
GN 02406 TN 8604/20/2021Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI
DI 52120 TN 4504/20/2021State Specific Workers Compensation (WC) Procedures
NL 03001 TN 104/20/2021Limited Payability Notices
RM 03809 TN 204/20/2021Scouting - Adjusting Earnings
GN 02402 TN 18904/19/2021Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
RS 02001 TN 4504/19/2021International Agreements
DI 27010 TN 204/19/2021Special Reconsideration Issues
GN 02408 TN 4804/16/2021Stop Payments and Reclamations
GN 04440 TN 13504/16/2021Federal Quality Review of Disability Determinations
DI 30005 TN 4904/16/2021Adjudicating Component Actions on Deficient Cases
DI 13005 TN 1504/16/2021Medical Issues
GN 02408 TN 4704/15/2021Stop Payments and Reclamations
GN 03320 TN 1504/15/2021Tax Return Information
GN 03305 TN 1004/15/2021Disclosure With Consent
RS 01505 TN 2804/15/2021Program Administration
RM 03818 TN 204/15/2021IRS Scrambles
RM 03818 TN 304/15/2021IRS Scrambles
GN 01729 TN 604/15/2021Agreement With Austria
GN 02408 TN 4604/13/2021Stop Payments and Reclamations
DI 24503 TN 404/13/2021Evaluating Evidence