POMS Recent Changes

Instruction ID Effective DateTitle
GN 02402 TN 7909/19/2017Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
GN 02602 TN 5909/19/2017Continuing Eligibility
GN 02605 TN 3209/19/2017Processing Change of Address
GN 02405 TN 0609/18/2017Processing Unendorsed Returned Benefit Checks - Title II and Title XVI
DI 23022 TN 1509/16/2017Processing Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Compassionate Allowance (CAL) in the Disability Determination Services (DDS)
GN 02301 TN 0309/15/2017Policy and Disposition of Underpayments
DI 52140 TN 0409/14/2017Field Office (FO) and Processing Center (PC) Responsibilities for Workers Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset
GN 02406 TN 4009/14/2017Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI
NL 00720 TN 0809/14/2017Manual Adjustment, Credit and Award Process (MADCAP) Beneficiary Notice Print Program
HI 03050 TN 1509/14/2017Redeterminations
GN 02401 TN 3309/13/2017Checks - General Information
GN 01070 TN 2609/08/2017Intercomponent Communications
GN 02406 TN 3908/31/2017Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI
GN 02402 TN 7808/25/2017Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
GN 03920 TN 2108/25/2017Administering Representatives Fees Provisions
GN 00203 TN 4108/24/2017Interviewing
SI 01801 TN 1908/24/2017Food Stamps - Joint Processing for SSI
GN 02406 TN 3808/23/2017Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI
DI 22515 TN 0208/23/2017Vocational Evidence
DI 24501 TN 1008/18/2017General - Medical Evaluation
DI 39506 TN 3108/15/2017DDS Financial Management
HI 00815 TN 1708/10/2017State Enrollment of Eligible Individuals
NL 00730 TN 2608/02/2017