POMS Recent Changes

Instruction ID Effective DateTitle
GN 02201 TN 3307/21/2017General Information Title II, Title XVI, and Title XVIII Overpayments - Part I
DI 23020 TN 0507/18/2017Priority Cases
DI 11005 TN 4907/18/2017Disability Interviews
GN 00210 TN 3307/15/2017Same-Sex Marriage Claims
SI 00830 TN 12307/14/2017Unearned Income
GN 02406 TN 3707/11/2017Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI
RS 02650 TN 1807/04/2017Treasury Department and SSA Restrictions
DI 52145 TN 0106/30/2017Verification/Proof of Workers Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)
DI 25015 TN 0906/30/2017Ability to Perform Other Work
GN 04448 TN 0206/29/2017Disability Hearing Review
GN 00210 TN 3206/28/2017Same-Sex Marriage Claims
GN 02402 TN 7706/28/2017Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
GN 02607 TN 3806/28/2017Prisoner Provisions
GN 00210 TN 3106/20/2017Windsor Same-Sex Marriage Claims
GN 00502 TN 4806/17/2017Determining the Need for, Developing and Selecting a Representative Payee
GN 00502 TN 4706/17/2017Determining the Need for, Developing and Selecting a Representative Payee
DI 24005 TN 0106/06/2017Special Work Situations
DI 11010 TN 5806/06/2017Initial Disability Claims Processing
DI 22511 TN 0206/06/2017Documenting and Evaluating Mental Impairments
DI 25501 TN 1406/06/2017Onset
GN 02402 TN 7606/02/2017Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI
DI 25001 TN 0705/29/2017Medical-Vocational Quick Reference Guide