POMS Recent Changes

Instruction IDEffective DateTitle
GN 03920 TN 4511/29/2023Administering Representatives Fees Provisions
DI 42010 TN 1611/28/2023Effectuating ALJ, AC, and Court Decisions (Single Appellant, Single Issue) Sections
GN 03920 TN 4411/21/2023Administering Representatives Fees Provisions
DI 39539 TN 2411/20/2023DDS Supplies
DI 13005 TN 2411/17/2023Medical Issues
DI 28003 TN 711/17/2023Resumption of the CDR Process
RS 00605 TN 9811/14/2023Initial Computation of the PIA - Recomputations and Recalculations
DI 27515 TN 1011/13/2023Collateral Estoppel
RM 10205 TN 8211/08/2023Social Security Number (SSN) Applications
SI 00601 TN 4511/06/2023General Applications and Interviewing Policy
DI 34005 TN 3210/30/2023Listings of Impairments - Current Part B Listing
DI 34121 TN 510/30/2023Obsolete Musculoskeletal Listings for 01/06/86 to 10/29/23
DI 34001 TN 3110/30/2023Listings of Impairments - Current Part A Listings
DI 34221 TN 510/30/2023Obsolete Musculoskeletal Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 10/29/23
DI 23060 TN 710/24/2023Evidence from Excluded Medical Sources of Evidence
GN 01772 BASIC10/19/2023Agreement With Iceland
GN 02408 TN 7010/19/2023Stop Payments and Reclamations
DI 22501 TN 2910/18/2023Introduction - Case Development Procedures
DI 39503 TN 510/18/2023DDS Budget Procedures
GN 00603 TN 1610/13/2023Conservation of Benefits
DX 00101 TN 510/10/2023Introduction to SSA Data Exchange Program