Emergency Messages

Instruction IDEffective DateTitle
EM-23054 REV06/12/2024Removal of the Signature Requirement on the SSA-455 CDR Mailer Forms
EM-24020 REV05/31/2024Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Underpayment Case Control Log
EM-2402105/21/20242024 Full Medical CDR Workload – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-22019 REV 305/20/2024WorkTrack 2.0 Instructions and Reminders
EM-23070 REV 05/02/2024Enumeration: Online Portal Verification for OTIP Eligibility Letter
EM-2401405/02/2024Policy Changes and Procedures to Streamline the Development and Documentation for Living in the Same Household (LISH) requirement for Lump Sum Death Payments- POMS Updates Will Follow Shortly
EM-2401605/02/2024Enumeration: ORR Verification of Release Card and ORR Verification of Release Form R-1
EM-2401505/02/2024eSignature/Upload Documents – Processing Reminders, Addition of the SSA-827 Webform and 27 New Evidence Types
EM-2401304/09/2024Enumeration: Enumeration Beyond Entry (EBE) expansion for Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization)
EM-21032 REV 203/28/2024Evaluating Cases with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
EM-24011 SEN03/25/2024Change in Title II Overpayment Default Rate of Benefit Withholding_Redacted
EM-2400903/15/2024Increase of the Amount of an SSI Underpayment that Requires a Prepayment Review from $5,000 to $15,000
EM-2400803/13/2024Incorporating Gender Inclusive Language Changes in Existing Notices
EM-2400703/13/2024Instructions for Adverse Medical Reopenings and Reconsiderations of Adverse Medical Reopenings at Initial and Reconsideration Levels
EM-2400603/12/2024Policy Changes and Procedures to Streamline the Recording of Protective Filing Dates - Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-2400502/23/2024COVID-19 Circumstances in Overpayment Waiver Determinations
EM-2400401/25/2024Medicare Advantage Special Supplemental Benefits for the Chronically Ill - One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-2400301/22/2024Payment of Retroactive Increase in the District of Columbia’s State Supplement Amount for 2023--One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-23077 SEN12/28/2023EM-23077 SEN 2023 Foreign Enforcement Questionnaire - No Suspensions for Non-Responders in Israel - One Time Only Instructions_Redacted
EM-23068 REV12/21/2023Enumeration: Processing Information for the New Family Reunification Parole Process for Cuba, Haiti, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Ecuador Parolees
EM-2307612/21/2023Revised Form SSA-632-BK, Request for Waiver of Overpayment Recovery
EM-2307512/20/2023Revised AC Sign off Sheet
EM-21065 REV12/05/2023Guidelines for Using Occupational Information in Electronic Tools
EM-2307211/29/2023New Reconsideration Affirmation Notice for Suspensions Under the Alien Nonpayment Provision – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-2307111/28/2023FY 2024 Redeterminations – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-2306911/20/2023Handling Requests for U.S. Citizenship Changes Based on Allegations of U.S. Citizenship Renunciation
EM-2306711/16/2023Instructions for Processing Multiple Pending Cases in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) and eView
EM-21035 REV 411/09/2023Vulnerable Populations Application Coding Instructions
EM-21027 REV 310/19/2023Additional Guidance for Evaluating Evidence in Cases Involving the Musculoskeletal Disorders Listings
EM-2305910/02/2023Disbanding of Office of Disability Operation’s (ODO) Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Program Integrity Targeted Assistance Group (PITAG) Unit
EM-2305609/06/2023Changes in the Handling of Section 301 Case Documents
EM-22038 REV 209/01/2023Enumeration: Employment Authorization Incident to Status for Certain Afghan and Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees
EM-21050 REV 508/10/2023Special Processing Instructions for Applying Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Income and Resource Exclusions to Pandemic-related Disaster Assistance
EM-20014 REV 908/10/2023Effect of COVID-19-Related Financial Assistance on SSI Income and Resources – End of the Presidentially Declared Disaster
EM-2304907/31/2023First Party Electronic Consent to and Authorization for SSA to Disclose Records to a Third Party using the SSA-3288-OP1
EM-2304707/26/2023Change in Verification Methods for Signatures on Benefit Eligibility Letters
EM-2303806/07/2023EV-STAR Screen Enhancement – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-22026 REV 205/04/2023Procedure for Processing T2 Prerelease Claims
EM-23009 REV04/19/2023Enumeration: New SAVE Initial Verification (IV) Response “NO STATUS- NOT EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZED
EM-22011 REV04/13/2023Lapse in SSA T2 and T16 Contracts with the California Employment Development Department (EDD)
EM-21008 REV 404/12/2023Processing Programmatic Remittances through the Lockbox
EM-20018 REV 604/04/2023Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy (LIS) - Effect of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Related Assistance
EM-2302103/27/2023Sczepanski v. Saul – Considering Vocational Evidence About Employer Probationary-Period Practices and Policies – Second Circuit – ACTION – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-2302003/24/2023Instructions for processing Supplemental Security Income claims for Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelans parolees
EM-2301903/23/2023Updates to Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Denial Notice Processing Instructions
EM-2301603/09/2023Field Office (FO) Instructions for Assistance Requests from the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) for Hearing Requests with No Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Application in the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) or Available in the Online Retrieval System (ORS)
EM-2301403/08/2023Enumeration: New Parole Processes for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans (CHNV)
EM-2301002/03/2023Claims Procedures for web3 Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) case responses of “No Status-Not Employment Authorized”
EM-2300401/19/2023New Benefits Planning Query (BPQY) Third-Party Enhancements and Reminders
EM-2300101/11/2023New Authorization Requirement for The Work Number and Verify Advantage– One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-2300001/10/2023Updates to Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Processing Instructions
EM-20037 SEN REV 512/29/2022Special Overpayment and Waiver Processing_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 5 Attachment112/29/2022WAIVER PROCESS FOR OVERPAYMENTS - EM-20037 SEN REV 5_Redacted
EM 20037 SEN REV 5 Attachment212/29/2022Administrative Tolerance 12292022_Final_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 5 Attachment312/29/2022Streamlined Waiver Split Decision Example1_Final_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 5 Attachment412/29/2022Title II Title XVI Streamlined Waiver Examples_Final_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 5 Attachment512/29/2022Title II Title XVI Streamlined Waiver Examples_Final_Redacted
EM-18012 REV 810/21/2022Clarifying State Overpayment Liability for Minors in Foster Care – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-2205510/07/2022Electronic Income Withholding Orders (e-IWOs) Reject Enhancement Project
EM-22022 SEN REV 210/03/2022Reentry ProceduresOne-Time-Only Instructions - Redacted
EM-2204909/09/2022Developing Russian Pensions and Resources that are Restricted or Inaccessible due to the Russo-Ukrainian War
EM-2204508/15/2022Obsoletion of Form SSA-704 and Changes to the Death Information Processing System (DIPS)-One-Time -Only Instructions
EM-22010 REV07/28/2022Special Processing Instructions - Applying Medicare Part D Extra Help Low Income Subsidy (LIS) Income and Resource Exclusions to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Related Disaster Assistance
EM-21045 REV07/27/2022Claim instructions for Citizenship (CLCZ) edits
EM-22039 SEN07/14/2022Resumption of the E-Verify SSA Tentative Non confirmation (TNC) Workload_Redacted
EM-20004 REV 406/09/2022New Instructions for the Processing of the Revised Form SSA-1696
EM-22022 SEN REV05/24/2022Reentry Procedures One-Time-Only Instructions_Redacted
EM-22015 REV05/18/2022Policy and Processing Instructions for Protective Filings Established Using the Online Protective Filing Tool
EM-20032 SEN REV 505/02/2022Mailing Instructions for Remittances from Field Offices and Program Service Centers_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 5 Attachment105/02/2022Return Remittance Letter - Embedded in EM-20032 SEN REV 5
EM-2202304/12/2022Enumeration: Temporary Acceptance of an Electronic Signature on Form I-20
EM-20037 SEN REV 404/11/2022Special Overpayment and Waiver Processing_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment104/11/2022Waiver Process for Overpayments Waivers 04112022 - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment204/11/2022Administrative Tolerance - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment304/11/2022Streamlined Waiver Split Decision Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment404/11/2022Streamlined Waiver Decisions Tree - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment504/11/2022TII TXVI Streamlined Waiver Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-22022 SEN04/06/2022Reentry Procedures One-Time-Only Instructions_Redacted
EM-20038 SEN REV 303/31/2022Handling Anomalous Claims_Redacted
EM-2201803/29/2022Instructions for Handling End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Notice and DUMAS Exceptions
EM-21077 REV03/17/2022Instructions for Processing Credit Card Payments in the Debtor Contact Unit (DCU)
EM-20032 SEN REV 403/03/2022Mailing Instructions for Remittances Received Since March 2020_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 4 Attachment103/03/2022Return Remittance Letter - Embedded in EM-20032 SEN REV 4
EM-21007 REV 202/24/2022Thornton District Court Decision: Claims, Appeals, and Reopening Requests - One-Time Instruction
EM-20046 REV 502/24/2022Ely District Court Decision: Processing Claims, Appeals, and Reopening Requests - One-Time Instructions
EM-2200802/11/2022Maxwell v. Saul - Transferability of Skills under the Medical-Vocational Guidelines – Ninth Circuit – ACTION – One-time-Only Instructions
EM-2200702/03/2022Enumeration: Acceptance of I-94 Printout and Foreign Passport Without Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Admit Stamp
EM-22006 SEN02/03/2022Disaster Assistance (DA)-Terminated Postentitlement Cases Workload_Redacted
EM-21072 REV01/28/2022Processing Conserved Funds Remittances Using the Social Security Electronic Remittance System (SERS)
EM-22003 SEN01/11/2022Disaster Procedures – Apartment Building Fire in Bronx, New York – One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-22001 SEN01/04/2022Disaster Procedures – Marshall Fires in Boulder County – One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-21073 SEN12/17/2021EM-21073 SEN - Scheduling Telehealth Consultative Examinations Using Video Technology During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) National Public Health Emergency_Redacted
EM-21073 SEN Attachment112/17/2021Telehealth Consultative Examination - Embedded in EM-21073 SEN_Redacted
EM-21074 SEN12/17/2021Disaster Procedures – Southern Illinois Deadly Storms and Tornadoes - One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-2106912/10/2021One-Time-Only Instructions - Processing Work Continuing Disability Reviews (WCDR) using Internet Ticket Operations Provider Support System (iTOPSS) data.
EM-21051 REV 11/30/2021Mandating Use of the Dallas Appeals Application for Non-Medical Post Eligibility Supplemental Security Income Reconsideration Requests
EM-21063 REV11/26/2021Claims Policy – Non-citizens in Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Deferred Enforcement Departure (DED) – Automatic Extension of status by DHS
EM-21021 REV11/12/2021Online Forms SSA-1696 Claimant’s Appointment of Representative and SSA-1693 Fee Agreement for Representation before SSA
EM-20022 REV 311/12/2021Temporary Instructions for the Bundled Receipt and Processing of an Electronically Signed SSA-1696 and Certain Other Forms
EM-21064 REV10/29/2021Goldberg Kelly Payment Continuation Period
EM-20019 SEN REV 410/19/2021Disability Determinations Services (DDS) Procedures - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Crisis_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment110/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - Embedded Document - DHU DeskGuide_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment210/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - COVID-19 Remote Hearing Agreement Form
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment310/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - DHU Cover Letter
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment410/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - Information Collected During Your Hearing Privacy Act Statement_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment510/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - MST External Guide 10.2021
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment610/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - MST User Guide
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment710/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - Privacy Act FAQ 10.2021
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment810/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - Teams One-Pager
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment910/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - Embedded Document - EXR Instructions for DDS_Redacted
EM-21012 SEN REV09/21/2021EM-21012 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-2106009/21/2021New Instructions for the Processing of the Electronic SSA-552
EM-2106209/21/2021WorkTrack Enhancements for SSI Waiver and SSI Non-Medical Reconsideration Requests
EM-21000 SEN REV 408/23/2021Instructions for Sending Non-Medical Appeals (NMA) to the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) and Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) using Electronic Non-Medical (ENM) application’s Create, Upload, and Transfer of Jurisdiction Functionality
EM-20010 SEN REV 808/20/2021EM-20010 SEN REV 8_Redacted - ARCHIVED
EM-2105308/19/2021New Instructions for the Processing of the Electronic SSA-820 and SSA-821
EM-20037 SEN REV 306/25/2021EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment106/25/2021Waiver Process for Waiver - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment206/25/2021TII TXVI Streamlined Waiver Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment306/25/2021Streamlined Waiver Decisions Tree - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment406/25/2021Split Waiver Decision Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment506/25/2021Administrative Tolerance - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-21000 SEN REV 306/21/2021EM-21000 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20038 SEN REV 206/07/2021EM-20038 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-21042 SEN05/28/2021Disaster Procedures – San Jose, CA Mass Shooting – One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-21040 SEN05/26/2021Processing Instructions- Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) Claims for Individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) approved on or after July 23, 2020 - One-Time Only Instructions_Redacted
EM-20056 SEN REV05/13/2021Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Refund Call- in and Follow-up Waiver Notice Case Routing Instructions for Centralized Process Location (CPL) Technicians – Redacted
EM-20056 SEN REV Attachment105/13/2021SSI OP Documentation Checklist - Embedded in EM-20056 SEN REV
EM-21034 SEN05/05/2021EM-21034 SEN Elevated eService Block Removal - Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)_Redacted
EM-21033 SEN05/05/2021EM-21033 SEN_Redacted
EM-20014 SEN REV 204/19/2021EM-20014 SEN REV 2 Issued 4-19-2021_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 304/14/2021EM-20032 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 3 Attachment104/14/2021Return Remittance Letter - Embedded in EM-20032 SEN REV 3
EM-21030 SEN04/14/2021EM-21030 SEN_Redacted
EM-20054 REV04/02/2021Improving the Application of the Sensitive Policy Designation
EM-21026 SEN03/31/2021EM-21026 SEN_Redacted
EM-21000 SEN REV 203/25/2021EM-21000 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-21000 SEN REV03/25/2021Instructions for Sending Non-Medical Appeals (NMA) to the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) and Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) using Electronic Non-Medical (ENM) application’s Create, Upload, and Transfer of Jurisdiction Functionality
EM-2102403/22/2021Temporary instructions for cafeteria plans: Handling COVID-related plan changes and calculating deductions for wages affected by the 2020 OASDI payroll tax deferral
EM-2102303/19/2021Desktop Faxing
EM-20037 SEN REV 203/16/2021EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment103/16/2021Waiver Process for Overpayments - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment203/16/2021TII TXVI Streamlined Waiver Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment303/16/2021Streamlined Waiver Decision Tree - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment403/16/2021Streamlined Waiver Split Decision Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment503/16/2021Administrative Tolerance - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-2101603/01/2021COVID-19 Sensitive Emergency Message Publishing Process
EM-2101002/19/2021Appointed Representative Services (ARS) Enhancement to Allow Authorized Representatives (ARs) to Access Electronic Folders (eFolders) at the Initial and Reconsideration Levels-One Time Only Instructions
EM-20028 SEN REV 202/11/2021EM-20028 Disaster Procedures In-Office Visitor Screening During COVID-19 One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-20028 SEN REV 2 Attachment102/11/2021VPr Mobile Check In - Embedded with EM-20028
EM-20010 SEN REV 702/10/2021EM-20010 SEN REV 7_Redacted - ARCHIVED
EM-20010 SEN REV 7 Attachment102/10/2021Instructions to Resume Processing EXRs - Embedded in EM-20010 SEN REV 7
EM-2100201/15/2021Important Information Regarding Possible Challenges to the Authority of Administrative Law Judges and Appeals Council Members Pursuant to Seila Law v. CFPB
EM-20020 SEN REV11/24/2020EM-20020 SEN REV_Redacted - ARCHIVED
EM-20037 SEN REV11/19/2020EM-20037 SEN REV Special Overpayment and Waiver Processing Redacted Final
EM-20019 SEN REV 311/18/2020EM-20019 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 3 Attchment111/18/2020DHU Telephone Hearings Desk Guide - Embedded in EM-20019 SEN REV 3
EM-20019 SEN REV 3 Attchment211/18/2020EXR Instructions for DDS - Embedded in EM-20019 SEN REV 3
EM-20056 SEN11/16/2020EM-20056 SEN_Redacted
EM-20056 SEN Attachment111/16/2020SSI OP Documentation - Embedded in EM-20056 SEN
EM-20053 SEN11/04/2020EM-20053 SEN Disaster Procedures One Time Instructions_Redacted
EM-20052 SEN11/03/2020EM-20052 SEN_ Return of Certain Remittances_Redacted
EM-20052 SEN Attachment111/03/2020MATPSC-Return Remittance Letter 2020 (COVID19) - Embedded with EM-20052 SEN
EM-20038 SEN10/22/2020EM-20038 SEN Disaster Procedures Handling Anomalous Claims during COVID-19 One-Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-20026 SEN REV 210/09/2020EM-20026 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 210/09/2020EM-20032 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20015 SEN REV 209/29/2020EM-20015 SEN REV 2 -Scheduling Video Consultative Examinations_Redacted
EM-20015 SEN REV 2 Attachment109/29/2020EM-20015 SEN REV 2 Embedded Document
EM-20045 SEN09/25/2020EM-20045 SEN_Redacted
EM-20004 SEN REV09/15/2020EM-20004 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-2004309/15/2020Internet Benefit Application (iClaim) Enhancements - Policy and Procedures
EM-20019 SEN REV 209/11/2020EM-20019 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 2 Attachment109/11/2020DHU Telephone Hearings Desk Guide - Embeded in EM-20019 SEN REV 2
EM-20039 SEN09/02/2020EM-20039 SEN_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 09/01/2020EM-20032 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-20035 SEN08/28/2020EM-20035 SEN_Redacted
EM-20018 SEN REV08/18/2020EM-20018 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-20029 SEN07/21/2020EM-20029 SEN_Redacted
EM-20026 SEN REV07/21/2020EM-20026 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-20014 SEN REV07/10/2020EM-20014 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-20012 SEN REV 206/29/2020EM-20012_Redacted
EM-20023 SEN05/29/2020EM-20023 SEN-Framework for Resuming In-person Consultative E_Redacted
EM-20017 SEN REV05/22/2020EM-20017 SEN REV_ COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments (EIP) SEN-3-12-21_Redacted
EM-20016 SEN05/01/2020EM-20016 SEN_Redacted
EM-20013 SEN04/14/2020EM-20013 SEN_Redacted
EM-1902509/05/2019Important Information Regarding Remanded Fraud or Similar Fault Redeterminations (Huntington/Hicks) – One-Time Only Instructions.
EM-19014 REV06/28/2019Instructions for Developing and Processing Absences from the U.S. using the Foreign Travel Data (FTD) Application – POMS Instructions Will Follow
EM-1901306/13/2019Sharpe Court Order – Relief
EM-1901206/05/2019Recording Information using the Disability Case Processing System (DCPS) – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-18003 REV 208/06/2018Important Information Regarding Possible Challenges to the Appointment of Administrative Law Judges in SSA’s Administrative Process--UPDATE
EM-1800402/08/2018Casey v. Berryhill – Courts Have Jurisdiction to Review an Appeals Council (AC) Order Finding No Good Cause for a Late Request for AC Review and Dismissing the Request as Untimely – Seventh Circuit – ACTION – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1602507/22/2016Processing Instructions for 7003.2 Cases – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1003004/09/2010Special Enrollment Period for TRICARE