Emergency Messages

Instruction ID Effective DateTitle
EM-1900904/01/2019Processing Representative Payee Data in the Electronic Representative Payee System for Minors in Foster Care
EM-1900803/20/2019SSA-827 and Substance Abuse Records
EM-1900301/29/2019Change to the Program Debt Installment Agreement Process for Referral of Delinquent Debts to the Treasury Offset Program (TOP)
EM-1900201/28/2019Updates on the Social Security Electronic Remittance System (SERS) for Field Office Collections
EM-1900101/24/2019System Enhancements for Medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Appeal Process
EM-1806301/22/2019Payment of Retroactive Increase in New Jersey’s State Supplement Amount for Individual/Couples in Medicaid Facilities-- One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1806212/21/2018Corrected Online Title II COLA Notices for Medicare Part C Beneficiaries
EM-1806112/19/2018Clarifying instructions when determining Lawful Presence for payment of title II benefits to Cuban-Haitian Entrants – Instructions Will Follow
EM-18012 REV 211/30/2018Clarifying State Overpayment Liability for Minors in Foster Care – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1805911/29/2018Medicare Enrollment for Individuals Affected by a Weather-Related Emergency or Major Disaster
EM-1805811/23/2018Processing JP Morgan Chase Letters and Checks
EM-1805711/21/2018Indian Tribal Council Social Security Coverage Legislation – Inquiries from the Public – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1805211/02/2018Use of the Employer Identification Number (EIN) in MSSICS and eWork with myWageReport Workaround
EM-16013 REV 310/30/2018Processing SSI Overpayments Resulting from Same-Sex Marriage
EM-17004 REV10/30/2018Processing Title II Overpayments Resulting from Same-Sex Relationships Recognized by SSA
EM-1804610/11/2018Disaster Procedures – New York Region Only – New York Limousine Crash – One-Time Instructions Only
EM-16033 REV 610/01/2018Limited Equitable Relief for Individuals with Medicare and Marketplace Coverage
EM-1803909/07/2018Nonreceipt Alleged Timely and Check is over 12 Months Old
EM-18031 REV08/27/2018Non-Home Real Property (NHRP) Enhancement – Initial Claim Appeal Reversals and Denied Claim Reopening Cases – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1803608/20/2018Payment of Retroactive Increase in the District of Columbia’s State Supplement Amount for September 2018 -- One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-18003 REV 208/06/2018Important Information Regarding Possible Challenges to the Appointment of Administrative Law Judges in SSA’s Administrative Process--UPDATE
EM-18023 REV 207/13/2018Accounting Exemption for Certain Representative Payees
EM-1802706/20/2018Handling Inquiries about SSA’s Title II and Title XVI Incentive Payment Programs and Prisoner Reporter Outreach Efforts – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-18023 REV05/25/2018Accounting Exemption for Certain Representative Payees
EM-1801504/25/2018Incorrect National Medicare 800# Listed on Notices - One-Time Only Instructions
EM-1801004/02/2018Handling Returned or Bounced Remittance Checks and Remittance Check Adjustments Referred by the Federal Reserve Bank – One-Time Only Instructions
EM-1800903/27/2018Handling Inquiries about the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Refund Call- in Notices – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-12004 REV 503/05/2018New Procedures for Form SSA-1695 – Identifying Information for Possible Direct Payment of Authorized Fee
EM-17026 REV02/15/2018Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) Query Functions Changes - REVISED
EM-1800402/08/2018Casey v. Berryhill – Courts Have Jurisdiction to Review an Appeals Council (AC) Order Finding No Good Cause for a Late Request for AC Review and Dismissing the Request as Untimely – Seventh Circuit – ACTION – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1703610/25/2017Medicare Enrollment for Eligible Beneficiaries Affected by a Weather-Related Emergency or Major Disaster – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-17008 REV 210/12/2017iClaim Enhancements - iSSI Policy and Procedures
EM-1703210/11/2017Policy and New Procedures for Processing Paper Applications Associated with Third-party iClaims - Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1702609/13/2017Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) Query Functions Changes
EM-1702107/25/2017Immediate Use of the Employer Identification Number (EIN) – in MSSICS and eWork
EM-1701907/17/2017OIG Review of Payments to Aged Representative Payees
EM-1701405/12/2017Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Policy Change
EM-1700401/25/2017Processing Title II Overpayments Resulting from Same-Sex Relationships Recognized by SSA
EM-1700101/13/2017Mandatory Use of Updated SSA-4814 and SSA-4815 Effective January 17, 2017 – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1605412/22/2016Prerelease Planning Assistance to Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmates
EM-1604411/30/2016Information Regarding the Treatment of Certain Payments in Eugenics Compensation Act – Permanent Instructions to Follow
EM-1603710/25/2016Wage Reporting Proof of Concept - One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1602808/17/2016Handling inquiries resulting from erroneous Benefit Payment Offset (BPO) notices issued by Treasury
EM-1602708/16/2016Requiring eFolder Access by Certain Appointed Representatives – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1602608/02/2016T2 Windfall: Releasing Retroactive Benefits when no SSI is involved-New Override Instructions
EM-1602507/22/2016Processing Instructions for 7003.2 Cases – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1602106/20/2016EDCS/eView/EFI Print Documents Policy Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1601805/17/2016Disability Claims Potentially Associated with Flint, Michigan (MI) Water Supply Contamination – Instructions will follow shortly
EM-1601203/02/2016Guidelines on issuing manual notices for individuals determined ineligible because of excess resources that include a countable trust
EM-1600302/02/2016Accessing the Payments, Claims and Enhanced Reconciliation (PACER) application
EM-13039 REV02/10/2015Claims Alien Eligibility and Evidence: Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) and I-94 Arrival Departure Record Automation -One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1406012/16/2014How to Treat Inherited Payments to Victims of Nazi Persecution
EM-1405711/20/2014New Standard Fees for Processing Non-Program-Related Requests for SSA Records & Changes in providing SSN Printouts – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-14016 REV10/22/2014PSC Processing of Windfall Offset Diaries—Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-14032 REV206/10/2014Handling Inquiries about the Acting Commissioner’s Halt of the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Referrals for Debts 10 or More Years Delinquent and Processing Instructions for Refunding Payments Withheld via the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1402303/27/2014Enumeration: Processing Name and Date of Birth Determinations for Foreign-Born Adopted Children under the Accuracy for Adoptees Act – One Time Only Instructions
EM-1205212/31/2012Time Limit for Filing Claims for Medicare Part A and Part B Services
EM-11034 REV05/24/2011Adoption Policies and Changed Vocational Profile
EM-1009012/20/2010Case Processing Information on the Pre-effectuated Cases Sampled By the New ODAR Appeals Council Quality Review Branch—One-Time- Only Instructions
EM-1003004/09/2010Special Enrollment Period for TRICARE