GN 00502.000 Determining the Need for, Developing and Selecting a Representative Payee

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 00502.001Capability Determination and Representative Payee Payment OverviewTN 46 01-17
GN 00502.020Determining Capability – Adult BeneficiariesTN 46 01-17
GN 00502.023Legal Evidence of CapabilityTN 46 01-17
GN 00502.030Lay Evidence of CapabilityTN 46 01-17
GN 00502.040Medical Evidence of CapabilityTN 48 06-17
GN 00502.050Developing Evidence of CapabilityTN 48 06-17
GN 00502.055Reevaluating a Beneficiary's Ability to Manage BenefitsTN 46 01-17
GN 00502.057Disability Referrals to the Program Service Center (PSC)TN 46 01-17
GN 00502.060Making a Capability DeterminationTN 46 01-17
GN 00502.065Documenting a Capability DeterminationTN 48 06-17
GN 00502.070Developing Capability - ChildrenTN 46 01-17
GN 00502.075Child Beneficiary Becomes Entitled Based on DisabilityTN 46 01-17
How to find and develop a suitable payee
GN 00502.100How to Find Payee LeadsTN 29 02-03
GN 00502.105Payee Preference ListsTN 31 03-05
GN 00502.107The Representative Payee ApplicationTN 33 01-06
GN 00502.110Taking Applications in the eRPSTN 43 04-16
GN 00502.112Identifiers for the eRPSTN 29 02-03
GN 00502.113Interviewing the Payee ApplicantTN 43 04-16
GN 00502.114Payee Responsibilities and DutiesTN 41 02-14
GN 00502.115The SSA-11-BK, Request to be Selected As PayeeTN 43 04-16
GN 00502.117Verifying Information Provided by Payee ApplicantsTN 41 02-14
GN 00502.118Verifying and Updating EINs for Organizational PayeesTN 43 04-16
GN 00502.120Role of the Representative Payee System (eRPS) in Investigating Payee ApplicantsTN 43 04-16
GN 00502.130Factors to Consider in Evaluating Payee ApplicantsTN 33 01-06
GN 00502.132Selecting a Qualified Representative Payee (RP)TN 45 01-17
GN 00502.133Payee Applicant is a Felon or Fugitive or Has Been Convicted of Other Criminal ActTN 43 04-16
GN 00502.134Payee Applicant Has Poor Past PerformanceTN 43 04-16
GN 00502.135Payee Applicant is a CreditorTN 29 02-03
GN 00502.137DDS Notification of Allegations That Could Cast Doubt on Payee SuitabilityTN 29 02-03
GN 00502.138Evidence of Neglect or Abuse Discovered During Initial Interview or Payee InvestigationTN 29 02-03
GN 00502.139Additional Development/Considerations When Guardian InvolvedTN 35 07-08
GN 00502.159Additional Considerations When Foster Care Agency is InvolvedTN 34 06-07
GN 00502.160Additional Development/Considerations When an Institution is InvolvedTN 29 02-03
GN 00502.164Payee Applicant for a Child is Also a MinorTN 29 02-03
GN 00502.181Other Contacts to Evaluate Payee Applicant's SuitabilityTN 33 01-06
GN 00502.183Making a Payee Appointment DeterminationTN 47 06-17
GN 00502.185Documenting Payee Selections/Non-Selections and Post-Entitlement Actions in eRPSTN 47 06-17
GN 00502.186Payment of Large Retroactive Benefits or Conserved FundsTN 31 03-05
GN 00502.190PC Processing of T2R Output and Manual Payee ActionsTN 32 11-05
GN 00502.300Digest of State Guardianship LawsTN 49 02-18
GN 00502.301State and Territory Digest of Crimes Barring an Individual from Serving as PayeeTN 40 02-14
GN BOS00502.183Choosing A Representative Payee – Maine Department Of Behavioral & Developmental Services 
GN NY00502.159Choosing a Representative Payee – State of New York Department of Mental Health 

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