DI 33010.000 Procedure for Processing Before the Disability Hearing

Subchapter Table of Contents
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Procedures For Processing Before The Disability Hearing
DI 33010.001Receipt and General Review of Claims Folder in the Disability Hearing Unit (DHU)BASIC 03-01
DI 33010.005SchedulingBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.007Postponing/Cancelling the Hearing — ProcedureBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.010Preparation of the DHU FolderBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.015Supervisory Hearing Officer (SHO) Case Review — Prior to Disability HearingBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.020Securing Claims Folder From Another OfficeBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.025Spanish NoticesBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.030DHU: Interpreters for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) or Individuals Requiring Language AssistanceTN 1 10-03
DI 33010.035Claimant's Address ChangesBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.040Transfer of Case to a Different DHUBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.045Reimbursement for Expenses to Travel to Disability Hearing SiteBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.050Subpoenas and Other Requests for Testimony and DocumentsBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.055Withdrawals of Request for Reconsideration — Disability CessationBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.060Claimant Dies Before Determination Made on Request for Reconsideration — Disability CessationBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.065Representation of Claimant at the Disability Hearing Unit (DHU)TN 2 09-10
DI 33010.070Suspension or Disqualification of Representatives, Including AttorneysBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.075Security — Personnel ProtectionBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.080Language for Disability Hearing Scheduling Notice for Domestic Claims — ExhibitBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.085Language for Disability Hearing Scheduling Notice for Foreign Claims — ExhibitBASIC 03-01
DI 33010.090Language for Cancelling or Postponing a Scheduled Disability Hearing — ExhibitBASIC 03-01