SI 02220.000 Recovery Procedures for Supplemental Security Income Overpayments

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SI 02220.001Recovery Procedures for SSI Overpayments - GeneralTN 15 09-01
SI 02220.005Documenting the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) OverpaymentTN 41 01-17
SI 02220.010SSI Overpayment - Notifying the IndividualTN 28 06-05
SI 02220.011Reconciliation of Overpayment Debt on Terminated RecordsTN 13 07-99
SI 02220.012Collection of Title XVI Overpayments By Tax Refund Offset (TRO)TN 17 02-02
SI 02220.013Collection of Title XVI Overpayments by Administrative OffsetTN 27 04-05
SI 02220.014Reporting Title XVI Overpayment Debts to Credit BureausTN 17 02-02
SI 02220.015SSI Overpayment - Recovery By AdjustmentTN 18 07-02
SI 02220.016SSI Overpayment - The 10 Percent Rate of AdjustmentTN 19 12-02
SI 02220.017SSI Overpayment - Request for a Different Rate of Adjustment, a Reconsideration or a WaiverTN 15 09-01
SI 02220.018Debtor Reactions to Collection of Title XVI Overpayments by Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG)TN 25 01-05
SI 02220.019Debtor Reactions to the Collection of Title XVI Debts by Federal Salary Offset (FSO)TN 31 09-06
SI 02220.020Cross Program Recovery (CPR) of SSI Overpayments from Monthly Title II BenefitsTN 30 04-06
SI 02220.021Cross-Program Recovery of SSI Overpayments from Title II UnderpaymentsTN 33 03-07
SI 02220.022Cross-Program Recovery of Title II Overpayments from SSI UnderpaymentsTN 34 07-07
SI 02220.025SSI Overpayment - Recovery By RefundTN 22 01-04
SI 02220.030SSI Overpayment - Compromise SettlementTN 15 09-01
SI 02220.035SSI Overpayment - Recovery By Civil SuitTN 15 09-01
SI 02220.036SSI Overpayment for Recovery of Court-Ordered RestitutionTN 35 02-09
SI 02220.040Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment - Recovery Through Bankruptcy ProceedingsTN 38 09-09
SI 02220.045Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment Recovery from an EstateTN 39 04-16
SI 02220.050Suspension and Termination of Recovery Efforts from Living IndividualTN 37 06-09
SI 02220.051SSI Overpayment - FO Efforts to Locate an Overpaid Individual In Nonpayment StatusTN 15 09-01
SI 02220.052SSI Overpayment - FO Action When Individual Fails to Make Installment Refunds - Case Not Under RECOOPTN 15 09-01
SI 02220.053Suspension and Termination of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment Recovery Efforts for a Deceased IndividualTN 37 06-09
SI 02220.060Misapplication of Funds in a Dedicated AccountTN 12 04-98
SI 02220.065Recovery from Alien's Sponsor of Payments Made to the AlienTN 15 09-01
SI BOS02220.005Documenting the SSI Overpayment (TN 5-248 – 04/2004) 
SI CHI02220.005Mandatory Review of Certain Title XVI Overpayment Dispositions (RTN 423 - 12/2012) 
SI CHI02220.035Case Referrals to the Department of Justice 
SI CHI02220.036Court-Ordered Restitution of SSI Overpayments (RTN 416 - 02/2010) 
SI DAL02220.005Documenting the SSI Overpayment - More than $20,000 (TN 02 -- 11/2014) 
SI DEN02220.045Affidavit In Support Of Claims Against Estate Of Deceased Native American Indian 
SI NY02220.025SSI Overpayment - Recovery By Refund 

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