RM 01351.000 Processing Correspondence Inquiries (WBDOC)

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RM 01351.001Initial Earnings Statement Request with Additional Information Indicating the Earnings Record May Not be CorrectTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.002Number Holder Questions Data Previously FurnishedTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.003Complaints Regarding Information Furnished or the Manner in Which Information Was FurnishedTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.004Inquiries from (or on Behalf of) Residents of Foreign CountriesTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.005Requests for Informational Publications Relating to Earnings StatementsTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.007Requests for Specifications for Privately Printed Form SSA-7004-PCTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.008Name Change RequestedTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.009Requests for SSN Card (Original or Duplicate)TN 1 10-99
RM 01351.010Requests to Change AddressTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.011Correspondence Indicating Congressional, Presidential, Secretarial, or Commissioner InvolvementTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.012Complaints, Inquiries, Suggestions Concerning Earnings Statement Requests Stimulated by Insurance Companies, Business Firms, or Other OrganizationsTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.013Inquiries Concerning Earnings Statement Program or PolicyTN 1 10-99
RM 01351.050Mailing Addresses to Use When Forwarding Material to Other OfficesTN 1 10-99

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