RS 00301.000 Retirement, Survivors and Disability Requirements

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RS 00301.101Insured Status — OverviewTN 18 08-04
RS 00301.102Additional Requirements for Alien Workers- Social Security Protection Act of 2004TN 18 08-04
RS 00301.105Fully Insured StatusTN 18 08-04
RS 00301.106Deemed Fully InsuredTN 20 05-11
RS 00301.107Identification and Development of Deemed Fully Insured StatusTN 20 05-11
RS 00301.110Currently Insured StatusTN 18 08-04
RS 00301.120DIB Insured StatusTN 18 08-04
RS 00301.122Relationship Between Period of Disability and Insured StatusTN 20 05-11
RS 00301.130Freeze Insured Status RequirementsTN 18 08-04
RS 00301.131Use of Railroad (RR) Compensation and Military Service (MS) Credits for Freeze Insured StatusTN 20 05-11
RS 00301.132Relationship Between Freeze Insured Status and Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Insured StatusTN 20 05-11
RS 00301.140Special Insured Status for Disability Before Age 31TN 18 08-04
RS 00301.147Special Insured Status Requirements for Subsequent Periods of Disability - NH Over Age 31TN 18 08-04
RS 00301.148Date Last Insured (DLI)TN 18 08-04
RS 00301.149SSA-1164 Exhibit of Special Insured Status WorksheetTN 20 05-11
RS 00301.150Insured Status for Statutory BlindnessTN 18 08-04
RS 00301.160Insured Status Based on Medicare Qualified Government EmploymentTN 20 05-11
RS 00301.161Part A Premium Reduction for Individuals with at Least 30 Quarters of Coverage (QC)TN 20 05-11
RS 00301.200Quarters of Coverage (QC)TN 20 05-11
RS 00301.210Crediting Quarters of Coverage (QC)TN 20 05-11
RS 00301.220Crediting of Self-Employment Income (SEI) to Calendar YearsTN 20 05-11
RS 00301.230Assignment of Quarters of Coverage (QC)TN 19 05-11
RS 00301.240When a Calendar Quarter cannot be a Quarter of Coverage (QC)TN 19 05-11
RS 00301.250Chart of Increment AmountsTN 19 05-11
RS 00301.301Quarters of Coverage (QC) before 1978TN 19 05-11
RS 00301.310Wage Quarters of Coverage (QC)TN 21 06-11
RS 00301.315Simplified Method of Determining Quarters of Coverage (QC) for 1937 - 1950 PeriodTN 21 06-11
RS 00301.320Assignment of Quarters of Coverage (QC) based on Wages for Agricultural Labor before 1978TN 21 06-11
RS 00301.325Flexible Assignment of Quarters of Coverage (QC) based on Wages for Agricultural LaborTN 21 06-11
RS 00301.340Self-Employment Quarters of Coverage (QC) before 1978TN 21 06-11
RS 00301.345Gift Quarters of Coverage (QC)TN 21 06-11
RS 00301.350Quarters of Coverage (QC) Based on Railroad (RR) Compensation Before 1978TN 21 06-11
RS 00301.470Deemed Fully Insured Status for World War II (WW II) VeteransTN 24 07-11
RS 00301.475Special Method of Determining Insured Status by Crediting Wage Quarters of Coverage (QC) on Earned BasisTN 24 07-11
RS 00301.480Alternate Insured Status Test for NH's Under a Disability Before 1956TN 24 07-11
RS 00301.600Election of Coverage by Vow-of-Poverty OrderTN 23 07-11
RS 00301.800Quarters of Coverage Requirements - ExhibitTN 14 04-89

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