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Subchapter Table of Contents
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Administration of the Program
HI 00208.001General Assignment of Responsibilities 
HI 00208.005Responsibilities for the Health Insurance Program 
HI 00208.010Role of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 
HI 00208.015Role of the Social Security Administration (SSA) 
HI 00208.020Responsibilities of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Regional Offices 
HI 00208.025Role of the HSQ RO in Certification 
HI 00208.030Role of the Division of Claims Processing, Bureau of Support Services 
HI 00208.035Role of the Division of Reimbursement, Recovery and Reconsideration Evaluation, Bureau of Program Operations 
HI 00208.040District Office Contacts with Providers of Services 
HI 00208.045Complaints Against Providers 
HI 00208.050Health Facility Complaint Memorandum 
HI 00208.055DO Role in the Public Disclosure of Survey Information 
HI 00208.060DO Handling—Complaints of Discrimination 
HI 00208.065Terminations 
HI 00208.066The Medicare Advantage (MA) ProgramTN 6 10-07
HI 00208.067Eligibility and Elections in Medicare Advantage PlansTN 6 10-07
HI 00208.069Disenrollment From A Medicare Advantage or 1876 Cost PlanTN 6 10-07
HI 00208.070Appeal RightsTN 6 10-07
HI 00208.071Disenrollment from Medicare Advantage (MA) and 1876 Cost Plans Through Social Security Field OfficesTN 6 10-07
HI 00208.072Handling Medicare Advantage (MA) Inquiries and Problem CasesTN 6 10-07
HI 00208.073CMS Regional Offices and State InformationTN 6 10-07
HI 00208.075Role of State Agencies 
HI 00208.080Role of Professional Standards Review Organizations (PSRO's) 
HI 00208.085Role of the Railroad Retirement Board 
HI 00208.090Role of the Part A Intermediaries and Part B Carriers 
HI 00208.095Group Practice Prepayment Plans 
HI 00208.100Change of Provider Ownership 
HI DAL00208.015Assignment Of Responsibilities 
HI DAL00208.070Proper Coding of the State and County (SCC) of Residence for Medicare Beneficiaries Who Elect Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans 
HI DEN00208.070Proper Coding of the State and County (SCC) of Residence for Medicare Beneficiaries Who Elect Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans 

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