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RM 01350.002 Correspondence Inquiry Relates to Request for Statement of Earnings (DOC)

The information in this section is not applicable while mailing of the Social Security Statement is suspended. See information on accessing earnings information using the MySocialSecurity web portal in OA 00205.010.

A. Introduction

Requests processed under the following instructions include correspondence which relates to a statement of earnings, insured status, quarters of coverage, or a benefit estimate.

B. Kinds of Request

Examples of these types of inquiries and the procedural references for handling are as follows:

  • Handling Requests for Disclosure to a Third Party including spouse/ ex-spouse

  • Replies to our request for correct SSN - RM 01340.053

  • Initial earnings statement request with additional information indicating the earnings record may not be correct -RM 01351.001

  • Number holder questions data previously furnished - RM 01351.002

  • Complaints regarding information furnished or the manner in which information was furnished - RM 01351.003

  • Inquiries from residents of foreign countries - RM 01351.004

  • Requests for informational publications related to earnings statements - RM 01351.005

  • Correspondence received for specifications to Print Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1 - RM 01351.007

  • Name change requested - RM 01351.008

  • Request for SSN card (original or duplicate) - RM 01351.009

  • Request to change address - RM 01351.010

  • Correspondence indicating Congressional, Presidential, Secretarial, or Commissioner Involvement; Subpoena and/or Fraud - RM 01351.011

  • Complaints, inquiries, suggestions concerning earnings requests initiated by insurance companies, business firms, or other organizations - RM 01351.012

  • Inquiries concerning earnings statement program or policy - RM 01351.013

  • Mailing Addresses to use when forwarding material to other components - RM 01351.050

C. Procedure

Take the following actions if correspondence inquiry relates to request for statement of earnings.

  • Examine each request to determine acceptability for processing as indicated in RM 01340.000

  • After consideration is given to all conditions outlined in RM 01340.000, process acceptable requests per RM 01351.001 through RM 01351.013.

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